Here’s a picture of a Mission Burger vegan burger

Okay, so it’s not quite as tantalizing a shot as yesterday’s picture of the meat version, but it’s a decent picture of THE BEST VEGGIE BURGER THIS CITY HAS EVER KNOWN. And guess what — it’s making a surprise appearance tonight. Laura over at Vegansaurus has more:

You all know how much we loved the Vegan Mission Burger while it was still around and if you don’t, you can read the insane tale of our mutual love here. I don’t think I’ve written so passionately about anything in my life, and I’m a very sensual person.

Well, TONIGHT, it is back for one night only! Along with drinks and Berlin-style Ping Pong, which we have no clue what it is but Allan from Mission Mission FUCKING LOVES IT so it must be alright.

Can’t wait! Read on.

[Photo by Kevin Montgomery / Mission Mission]

8 Responses to “Here’s a picture of a Mission Burger vegan burger”

  1. Can’t tell if you were being sarcastic, because I think this is much more tantalizing than yesterday’s picture!

  2. DubTeeEff says:

    so…mission burger is obviously paying you for these posts?

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Hey Think For Me, think for yourself and let “truth” do what he/she does best, misunderstand every post and spend a lot of his/her time making sure we all know.

      • moderniste says:

        I know, huh–ping pong AND a product endorsement in the same freaking post. The horror. What is this world coming to–next thing you know, it will be MM discount day at the Walmart.

        And @Stowaway S.G., I must respectfully disagree. The vegan offering looks, well, it looks kinda pale in comparision to the sheer lustiness of the Meat Glorious Meat pic.

  3. DubTeeEff says:

    And the crowd went, “oooooooooooh…”