Good Burger (Sorry, Bender's)

Mission Burger - Vegan

The Vegan Burger: the new best fast food vegan option in the Mission

The verdict is in: Mission Burger is the jam.  The vegan burger was incredible, the fries were great and the McDonald’s ketchup packets?  Amazing.

Tragically there is absolutely no seating, so we had to sit on the cold sidewalk outside.  That said, if you are patient (we aren’t), you can just take your food to Dolores Park.

Mission Burger Menu

Logo? Awesome

Mission Burger - Ketchup Win

McDonald's Ketchup? Awesome and fancy

12 Responses to “Good Burger (Sorry, Bender's)”

  1. kiya says:

    I can’t wait to try this tomorrow.. but are they really using stolen McDonald’s ketchup packets to give to customers?

  2. Anthony says:

    We bought the rights to those packs with our breakfast and then just re-used them(rather than tossing them). But don’t get us wrong–we are cutthroat in terms of margins. We’d steal whole burgers if McDonalds aged and granulated their burgers.

  3. suckerpunch says:

    $8 for a to-go only burger?

    Great, more a-holes.

  4. daemonsquire says:

    Yeah? Tell it to Burger Joint, or Big Mouth, or Urban Burger, where I paid $11 for a burger last night, after finding Mission Burger had run out of meat before I could get there.

    I enjoyed every dollar of that burger, and while I wouldn’t spend that kind of cash on burgers daily, I also wouldn’t *eat* burgers daily. I would say that the dollar-to-pleasure ratio compares rather favorably to that for other “splurge” meals I’ve had, in tonier locales–and I imagine it’d only be enhanced by a dollar for the Food Bank.

    Hell, I think I might just splurge on another burger today, if I can get there in time. Urban Burger tastes good, but it’s no Michelin 3-star granulated meat column…

  5. Jamie says:

    $8 Is too much for this burger? WTF? I used to work for acme and I can tell you that the pan de mie buns are costing them more than 60 cents apiece wholesale. A third of a pound of Harris ranch brisket, short ribs, and chuck isn’t exactly lips and a$$holes. Proper caramelized onions, which these are, have a high labor cost. DL is making $7 per; a sit down restaurant will fail with a 40% food cost. If you want the dollar menu, roll south 6 blocks. A-holes indeed.

  6. Felipe Thirteen says:

    I’m not afraid to pay for a quality Burger and I’ve spent more on lesser Burgers.. I guess cause that’s how Alameda rolls. Misson burger is on hit though. Worth every penny for the quality ingredients and craftsmanship. Hit that shit up.

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