This is what a $400 T-shirt looks like

At least, that was the price we overheard quoted to an interested (and subsequently shocked) shopper at Afterlife over the weekend.

34 Responses to “This is what a $400 T-shirt looks like”

  1. trixrforkids says:

    did anyone ask afterlife if anyone has ever bought one of these shirts you could make in your garage for much less?

  2. Susiefoo says:

    Dude. We were in there and asked about a vintage Black Sabbath one. $750!!! They are out of their minds!

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    That’s fucking retarded.

  4. scum says:

    I have old Slayer, Metallica, COC, SOD, Ramones,Sabbath, Mercyful Fate shirts. Any chumps, I mean trust fund hipsters want to buy them

  5. Igor says:

    CAN,anthrax tshirts!!.. hold em both fr me!

  6. Matthew says:

    It actually makes a lot of sense, because now they’ve got free press.

  7. SFNative says:

    What’s more pathetic than the folks trying to cash in, is the folks buying or wearing t-shirts for bands they’ve never seen live.

  8. scum says:

    I never saw Hawkwind, Budgie, Elvis, Liberace, Argent or ABBA live, but I would totally rock their shirts.

  9. suckerpunch says:

    I have at least two ‘real’ Jawbreaker shirts, I have little use for anything else.

    Thank you.

  10. thesloppymilkshake says:

    The reason why the prices for these band shirts are so high is that they are ORIGINALS. These shirts are from the original tours and therefore fall under the category of band memorabilia. The Black Sabbath shirt that’s going for $750 is from 1977. If you can find an original for less, by all means go and buy it. Or if you want to buy a reproduction, fine, that doesn’t make you any less of a fan then purchasing the real thing. There are a select few/collectors that do actually purchase these shits who know what they are and understand the market value for them. As for everything else in the store it’s decently priced. You focus too much attention on specialty items that are priced high and correctly. It’s on the wall for a reason. But don’t worry we always the Japanese who are buying up all the vintage Americana, so don’t sweat it.

    • hipster jesus says:

      Yesterday I was in a valencia boutique a few blocks down, that sells new (imported) shirts at similar prices but they have nothing to do with being vintage or original.

      This store is doing fine. Damn people, why not go to a used book store and complain that there’s a special case with some first editions of moby dick or whatever the fuck for sale at a way higher price than a Dan Brown paperback at costco. Do it now before book stores are dead.

  11. “purchase these shits”


  12. Thanks says:

    it’s weird how some of you claim to be so legit because you listened to these bands before everyone else did, but at the same time act as if you’d never known there was a collector’s market for original tour shirts before. btw about 5 million other people were listening to Hawkind and Can before you were into them.

  13. Totally worth it says:

    look at how threadbare those things are. you can see the hangers. also, doesn’t walking around in a $400 t shirt make you look like an asshole to everyone?

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