In defense of $80 t-shirts

DocPop posted a piece on why he spends a shit-ton of money on clothes. Sure, looks are probably part of it, but there are also practical reasons: better fits, longevity, and breathability. For example:

Through working this intimately with denim I learned to ditch polysynthetics and embrace cotton, wool, and leather. Not only do these materials breath better, but leather and cotton have the bonus of getting better looking with age.

I know lots of folks have differing opinions on this, but we definitely have an artificial sense of the value of clothes. Have you ever tried to make them? I have a crafty friend who started to get into it and said, “I don’t know why all dresses don’t cost like $500, this shit is hard.”

Read on over at DocPop.

12 Responses to “In defense of $80 t-shirts”

  1. jesus says:

    no hipster no

  2. SuperLesbian says:

    why is sustainable anything becoming something for rich people?

  3. SuperLesbian jesus says:

    What does Doc Pop think about breathing oxygen?

  4. Mad says:

    Your crafty friend thinks it’s hard? When I started making my own drags, I was shocked anyone would spend more than $30 on any article.

    There’s a threshold on the price range for any one “quality” item. That breathability and better fit is just your head justifying why you threw away a hundred dollars on a shirt.

    Are you that pampered your every part needs the right amount of air flow? At least your head does. Unless you’re a performance athlete, what you slap on can’t make that much of a difference.

    Nobody wants to see your white besocked ankles. Follow your own rules and get a vest and pants that fit better.

    • T.C. says:

      It’s his money let him spend it on whatever the fuck he wants, although I would hope DocPop reads the labels to see if the togs he wears are made in a second or third world country.

      • DocPop says:

        Totes. Everything I’m wearing is from the US except for the shoes, which come from a shoe maker in Vietnam. I met him on his last trip to SF and he seems happy enough.

  5. Chris says:

    Man, even the lens effect on this guy’s photo is hip.

  6. oinc says:

    why does everyone feel the need to talk shit all the time ? can’t we all just get along ? If people want to pay more for clothes than you feel is necessary, who the fuck cares ? and why does the term hipster appear in every comment thread of every post on MM ? Get over it. Move on.

  7. Sean says:

    Ha! Rich clown.