3D City: Puddle Jumper

Crooked rain, fine grains. I’ve been taking advantage of these wet days as a chance to break in my new Nimslo 3D camera.

3D City: Welcome to 3D City!

Film photography & gifs have a lot of common. Graininess, sure, they both have that in spades, but they’re also underdog formats. There are easier ways to capture a moment, and less bloated ways to make that moment move again, but these media just doesn’t know when to quit, and that’s why I find them so charming.

I was telling Allan about my transition from smartphones to film cameras, and my current obsession of mixing digital/analog together. He offered to let me share my year long 3D City project here on Mission Mission. Each week I’ll share some new work along with little bits of info on the camera and film I used (for the photo nerds out there). These shots are from a roll of Arista Premium (a Tri-X knockoff) on my Nishika N8000.


Lou Reeds

The ever inventive Doctor Popular recently walked down Osage Street and discovered 32 Lou Reed stencils on the ground. Over on Objective Scenes, the group mobile phone photography blog*, of which he is a member, he posted up the below gif which moves through all of the stencils as seen by his mobile phone camera. Pretty cool result.

*That is definitely an explanation that would not have made sense to me five years ago.

In defense of $80 t-shirts

DocPop posted a piece on why he spends a shit-ton of money on clothes. Sure, looks are probably part of it, but there are also practical reasons: better fits, longevity, and breathability. For example:

Through working this intimately with denim I learned to ditch polysynthetics and embrace cotton, wool, and leather. Not only do these materials breath better, but leather and cotton have the bonus of getting better looking with age.

I know lots of folks have differing opinions on this, but we definitely have an artificial sense of the value of clothes. Have you ever tried to make them? I have a crafty friend who started to get into it and said, “I don’t know why all dresses don’t cost like $500, this shit is hard.”

Read on over at DocPop.