3D City: Puddle Jumper

Crooked rain, fine grains. I’ve been taking advantage of these wet days as a chance to break in my new Nimslo 3D camera.

I had always thought the Nimslo was just another cheap stereoscopic camera, but these things actually have some decent glass on them. The lens is 30mm, nice and wide, and the body is built like a tank. I shot this batch with a roll of Ilford HP5 film. I’m usually a sucker for grainier film, but I think the Ilford might be the perfect fit for the Nimslo. I don’t mean to geek out… I’m just digging this new camera. Luckily they’re still pretty cheap on eBay.

One Response to “3D City: Puddle Jumper”

  1. kseniuhhh says:

    Love the concept, first image seems most successful cause it’s motion on motion