Eating bratwurst at Folsom Street Fair

I just watched the 4th episode of Looking and Patrick didn’t embarrass himself once, I can hardly believe my eyes! Last week we had a breakthrough, and we decided we should stop being d-bags and start making good decisions, and we are sticking to it. (We are collectively Patrick, and we’re loving it!).

The episode begins: we see Patrick working hard with his big-eared boss Kevin the Brit on a Sunday, prepping for a big presentation while Folsom Street Fair pulsates (gyrates? undulates?) outside their office window. The two are talking relationships, etc., when Kevin gets a call from his LDR boyfriend (long-distance relationship, not Latter Day Raints) and has to take off. Patrick takes this opportunity to meet Agustin, Doris, and ginger friend Hugo at the fair.

At the fair, we learn Agustin is interested in doing an “art piece” with CJ, the Thor-like sex worker gent we met last week, who they run into at the booth (this is actually a site, you guys, and it looks kind of Euro in like the worst way possible). CJ says he’ll do anything for his standard $220/hour rate, and then says a bunch of boring shit about how hot he is while eating a bratwurst (really?!), and we’re all left wiping our brow. This whole exchange is questionable: Agustin is back to doing “art” by deciding to do a “piece” about CJ’s “work”? Sounds pretty “gay” if you ask “me.”

Meanwhile, Dom visits Lynn at his flower shop, which turns out to actually be Urban Flowers on 18th. He invites Lynn to lunch, and they dine at Orphan Andy’s. Dom goes on and on about his Portuguese chicken startup or whatever and I think Lynn gets the picture — Dom wants business advice, connections, etc. — and agrees to see his business proposal. Dom wants to get a move on, because he’s turning 40, and if you don’t have your Portuguese chicken startup by the time you’re 40, you’re fucking NOTHING in in this town.

Okay, but back to Folsom Street Fair, where Agustin eats meat and has to go to Patrick’s office to poop (finally, some poop humor!!!). The whole crew goes over in their leather gear and obviously Kevin comes back at that very moment. The crew bounces and Kevin and Patrick continue on with their work. The flirt sesh picks back up until they discuss ordering dinner, at which point Kevin says “Please, please can we get fried chicken? I’m just not allowed it at home” basically sounding like an insecure Veruca Salt (character, not band), and Patrick is either way turned off by how much this guy evokes a 12-year-old Ricky Gervais (right?) or he’s grossed out by how he’s been made the surrogate fun boyfriend, and decides to pass on dinner. Get your own fun boyfriend, Kevin!!!

Patrick bounces and meets his friends at the Stud, where he sees Richie from Esta Noche (!) across the room. He approaches him, they make amends over the whole cut/uncut thing, and they romantic sexy dance all night. Seriously, I didn’t even know what romantic sexy dancing was until I watched this episode, and now I want to do it every night with a glass of Sauvy B in one romantic sexy hand and a handful of my lover’s hair in my other romantic sexy hand. My goodness!

So this was a filler episode. We had to move a few things forward as we move into something more exciting next week, which is perfectly fine, and which is why we don’t need to think too hard. I’m still starting to really dig this show, but I admit I wish we were privy to a bit more background, I wish we learned more about where each character came from, because a dumb gal like me can only take so many subtleties and unknowns. I won’t conjure Sex and the City dialogue this week, though I will say that I wouldn’t kick a Carrie Bradshaw voice over up in this show out of my bed. Because in a city full of uncertainties, sometimes you need a person’s actual feelings about Folsom Street Fair spelled out for you.

Spotted in this episode: Folsom Street Fair, Urban Flowers next to Philz on 18th, Last Call, The Stud, a passing mention of Rickshaw Stop.

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