Get rich or get out

That’s pretty much the clearest statement I’ve seen so far.

Two great Frida Kahlo stencils

At Encantada on Valencia near 20th.

Uh oh, this does not look good

Godzilla's Coming

I have bad news. I recently picked up some intel through my usual sources and it looks like there’s a chance that Godzilla is coming to town. But don’t run through the streets in a hot panic just yet, I’ve got a call in to some inside experts at Quantico to find out if he’s angry and wants to destroy everything, or is just in the mood to sample some of our famously overpriced coffee. I will let you know more as news comes in. Unless it’s top secret, in that case I’ll just tell you that everything is fine and not to worry.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, false alarm. No need to worry, everything’s cool. Go back to business as usual.

Lou Reeds

The ever inventive Doctor Popular recently walked down Osage Street and discovered 32 Lou Reed stencils on the ground. Over on Objective Scenes, the group mobile phone photography blog*, of which he is a member, he posted up the below gif which moves through all of the stencils as seen by his mobile phone camera. Pretty cool result.

*That is definitely an explanation that would not have made sense to me five years ago.

And The Beet Goes On

And The Beet Goes On

Or so it says.

Plus, you think you spend a lot of time looking for parking, this guy spends all his time looking at parking.

Looking At Parking

Getting A Feel For The New Valencia

Fritz's New Takeover
Frjtz is exploring the possibilities of the new Valencia Street and all its extra space. I’ve never eaten there, and the menu, prices and ambiance don’t entice me. But actually sitting down outside without the fear of Gavin Newsom popping out from behind a safety cone and forcing me onto a one way bus trip to Santa Cruz, that sounds pretty nice. What do you think?

Jack Hammer
Construction. That’s what’s up.

Sidewalk Globe on Valencia

eviloars, my favorite Mission Flickr user, snapped this stenciled globe on Valencia near Modern Times Bookstore:


I hope we start seeing more complex stencil art like this.


Too Cool for Cool School

Don’t drop out of cool school? Why not? I’m through being cool. Also, at which school did you learn to make such cool sidewalk stencils?

Sanctuary City for the Rich

Infospigot spotted this bit of stencil art outside the Burger King at 16th and Mission. Link.

Mission Nite Time Patrons Who Harrass People Who Live On The Street In This Anti-Poor City Are Worth Less Than Shit

Thanks to reader mcas for sending this in. mcas says: “Could be more concise, but I guess it gets the message across…”

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