Two great Frida Kahlo stencils

At Encantada on Valencia near 20th.

For poopers with elegant sensibilities

For Poopers with Elegant Sensibilities


Tate Modern Premoved

Occurring on Valencia Street, near 18th.

Simian Shindig

This party is located somewhere around 18th and Florida. We might all be invited since we too are members of the biological order Primates.

Photo by eb78.


Monkey Business

Three-Eyed Dragon Monkey in Dolores Park

Gorilla Sticker Art Apes Tony Millionaire

Livebloggin': Doggie Dropped It

The steamiest development in stencil art.

Sidewalk Globe on Valencia

eviloars, my favorite Mission Flickr user, snapped this stenciled globe on Valencia near Modern Times Bookstore:


I hope we start seeing more complex stencil art like this.


Filthy Animals Poop on the Sidewalk


Reader g just sent this in, saying, “Walking home from yoga class an hour ago I came across this example of street art.”

It begs a question I’ve wondered a skrillion times (both on the street and in the gallery): Where does the art stop and the shit begin?

Thanks, g!

Sidewalk Kiss


Photo by Sangroncito.