Two great Frida Kahlo stencils

At Encantada on Valencia near 20th.

This Is Absurd

This Is Absurd

Street Artists Breaking It Down

On 16th Street there’s no time for subtlety when it comes to BP (formerly British Petroleum).

No Time For Subtlety

Up in North Beach we find this helpful guide.

Alien Human

Back to Valencia, and I’m not actually sure what this one’s about.

Joe Comes In

Sidewalk Globe on Valencia

eviloars, my favorite Mission Flickr user, snapped this stenciled globe on Valencia near Modern Times Bookstore:


I hope we start seeing more complex stencil art like this.


Valencia Street Art Wall

Going through some old stuff looking for a photo to accompany this morning’s Rat-for-Cash Initiative post, I came across the following, detail from the art wall on Valencia between 23rd & 24th, shot a couple years ago:

…and it reminded me that Saturday was the last day of (de)Appropriation Project Archive at Southern Exposure, and I totally missed it. Luckily, the project is all online, here. Anyway, this thing, it was American flags and I think maybe bombs or something raining down on the Morton Salt girl, seen here:

(thanks Wikipedia)