Goodbye pig, hello bird

Angry pig, begone!


and here it is deskewed:


24th and Harrison, WHY?

24th and Harrison, WHY?

(via Eric Fischer)

24th and Florida, WHY?

(via SF Weekly)

New Mural Unveiling @ Amnesia Happy Hour Tonight 7pm

Amnesia is unveiling a new mural by Andre Karpov tonight. You may recognize his other works at places like Pizzaria Delfina, and that alley by Range. He also happens to be a great songwriter and musician.

While this mural doesn’t quite have the excitement of the bear, it does feature a bunch of local mission personalities. That accordionist in the mural is none other than Rob Reich. In fact, Rob is playing during the unveiling with ragtime guitar genius Craig Ventresco (you may have heard Craig’s music in the movie Crumb) and Meredith Axelrod. They play there every Friday, by the way. I wonder if Rob knows he’s been muralized? If not, awk-WAARD!

Say, maybe you’ve been muralized too. You’re just gonna have to go and see for yourself; that’s why I posted an ultra low-res of the mural. Unveiling starts at 7pm. Amnesia is on Valencia between 19th and 20th. Stick around for the happy hour drinks!

The Mural in Taqueria Vallarta is Batshit Insane

I always hit up Taqueria Vallarta after a show at Blue Six. The $1.50 taco bar is second to none. They fry up all the meats simultaneously in a loosely-partitioned circular grill that I affectionately call “Noah’s Ark”.

It’s a beautiful thing: you order with the man behind the grill, he loads up some tacos, you pay some tired guy wearing a change apron, and you pile on as much cilantro as you can handle. Hey La Taqueria: take note. $3.50 for a taco is ROBBERY.

Anyway, last time somebody told me to check out the mural while I was there. Ok, I thought, probably just another busty Aztec babe fetching a vase of water while a menacing conquistador stares on. Nope, try ill-proportioned 49ers playing football under the Golden Gate Bridge with the dolphins.

Then there’s more: the artist took it upon himself to write a rambling narrative about the parallel-universe origins of San Francisco and how bitchin’ the 49ers are. Did you know that they have the “excitement of the bear”?

Anyone know the story behind this masterpiece? Some borracho repaying his debt to the owner? Another coded message to members of the New World Order? Best explanation gets a taco on me. These are high stakes, folks.

Valencia Street Art Wall

Going through some old stuff looking for a photo to accompany this morning’s Rat-for-Cash Initiative post, I came across the following, detail from the art wall on Valencia between 23rd & 24th, shot a couple years ago:

…and it reminded me that Saturday was the last day of (de)Appropriation Project Archive at Southern Exposure, and I totally missed it. Luckily, the project is all online, here. Anyway, this thing, it was American flags and I think maybe bombs or something raining down on the Morton Salt girl, seen here:

(thanks Wikipedia)