3D City: Game Face

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Some recent pop art found around the neighborhood. Pop art… get it? Because it’s bubble gum. More sidewalk art (in amazing 3D) after the bump.


Local tagger really stickin’ it to hipsters

Is this an effective use of spray paint? Circle one: y/n


Chicken feet headgear: hot in 2011?

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So, just in case you were wondering: the gentleman decked out in festive attire made from chicken feet and tinfoil wandering last Sunday’s Noise Pop & Shop at Public Works wasn’t some derelict who wandered in from under the overpass completely crazy. That was none other than visionary artist Jason Jaworski, fresh from the scene of his latest performance. See? Art – the more you know!

Via Arrested Motion


Shitty Kitty, Retournez

Shitty Kitty is back from Morocco!

“As always, Telephone and Soup will bring the comic-making supplies, you bring your friends and shittiest ideas.”

Shotwells (@20th), Tonight (Thursday the 18th), 6pm til late night burrito time

Sirron Norris I Num Muni

I can’t quite tell if this epic Sirron Norris painting is a paean to Muni past or a biting critique into present Muni woes.

(Is that a 26 Valencia floating off into the sunset? All I know is I’m loving that pickup truck.)

More Sirronographs on Telstar Logistics’ Flickr feed. Or visit the new Sirron Norris gallery on 26th and Valencia.

24th and Harrison, WHY?

24th and Harrison, WHY?

(via Eric Fischer)

24th and Florida, WHY?

(via SF Weekly)

White Guilt Hates on Art Galleries in the SF Chronicle

I always knew that art galleries were evil because artists are hippies that vote for democrats, but I never knew that they are one of the reasons the Mission is being gentrified:

Editor – I celebrate the representation of art in all its forms, whether it be in museums, on public walls or in galleries (“Artists take it to the street (Valencia),” Aug. 22). However, it should be noted that it is often the artists and gallery owners who move into low-rent neighborhoods who plant the seeds of gentrification. While the growing number of galleries in the Mission District may be engaging a new audience, high-rent condominiums are being built only blocks away, where bakeries, grocery stores and community centers used to stand. I fear the day when the Mission will have to take a new name because the Latino residents and businesses can no longer afford to stay in the neighborhood they worked so hard to build.

- Rachel Rosenberg, San Francisco


Maybe people disagree with me, but I think the neighborhood could still keep the name “Mission” even if there were no Latinos, given that it was the Mission back when it was mostly Irish and German.  Oh, and Ohlone slaves initially built the Mission.  Sorry, Rachel.

(hat tip Mission Loc@l)

Mission Arts and Performance Project

MAPP for short. I learned it had two ‘p’s and fell in love with the thing on the same night. Free concerts and performance art all around the 24th Street Mission region this past Saturday night. The line-up changes so fast and so often that you just have to show up to find out what’s going on. Check out the project here.

Best dancing I found on Saturday was at Red Poppy – live Rumba band who went ahead and played beats from all over the place. I had to take off 3 layers and 2 scarves to keep dancing. I didn’t get to the neighborhood until 9 p.m. or so, and that’s my only complaint. Next MAPP, I’m there from beginning to end.

We Be Sushi's Curious Bathroom Art

webebathroom, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

Detail of a very curious piece of art in the shitter at the We Be Sushi on Valencia between 21st and 22nd Streets. Click on the photo to read the notes!