Uh oh, this does not look good

Godzilla's Coming

I have bad news. I recently picked up some intel through my usual sources and it looks like there’s a chance that Godzilla is coming to town. But don’t run through the streets in a hot panic just yet, I’ve got a call in to some inside experts at Quantico to find out if he’s angry and wants to destroy everything, or is just in the mood to sample some of our famously overpriced coffee. I will let you know more as news comes in. Unless it’s top secret, in that case I’ll just tell you that everything is fine and not to worry.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, false alarm. No need to worry, everything’s cool. Go back to business as usual.

2 Responses to “Uh oh, this does not look good”

  1. Standingstill says:

    At least he has his cup of coffee. I’m always nicer after I’ve had my cuppa.