Mark Zuckerberg hanging out in Dolores Park

He sure looks pumped!

[via SFist]

26 Responses to “Mark Zuckerberg hanging out in Dolores Park”

  1. msrizzio says:

    yeah he was at the Brixton in the Marina the other day.

    bigggg deal.

  2. ALWAYS HIGH says:

    I totally smoked him out.

  3. ?? says:

    I saw him walking his dog on 24th last weekend at 11:30PM.

    Who’s ready for the second bubble?

  4. no fish today says:

    fuck him and his shitty website

  5. t says:

    Spot near the fence? Fucking rookie maneuver.

  6. Andy says:

    it’s a good thing he’s so rich, cause he’s f$%^ing ugly!

  7. Did he self-surveil and report his location in a status update?

  8. uh huh says:

    did he like it..

  9. doug says:

    Delores Park is pathetic and for plebeians wtf is he doing there; the scene is beat. He probably purchased a nice him is Noe, which is why he has been spotted so much around there.

  10. sadcrank says:

    “Dolores” “plebian” “what the fuck” “home” Your welcome, Doug.

  11. Seth says:

    “You’re” welcome, sadcrank.

  12. sadcrank says:

    heh, heh, you’re right! You got me.

    • Doug says:

      I will admit that I wasn’t so fastidious when typing, but you should check your spelling plebeian is spelled correctly, hun. I am in fact quite sane. It’s just extrremely annoying when people sit around and hate on someone for being successful. Really, thats what’s happening. Delores Park is beat; no REAL Hipster would be caught dead there the scene is SO 5 years ago. The only people that love it are from the Midwest or the East Bay and moved to San Francisco because it is so “liberal andf hip” and they can be an “individual”, which is utter BS, you’re not. I know, I am actually one of the few from here. People that live in the Mission are so funny because you sit there and judge and assume you are hip, but you live in just as a gentrified neighborhood the next. I am not saying thats bad just own it, you are living there with your well-paid tech or creative job or your parent’s money, as I am, don’t feel bad, I don’t, but don’t think you are so much better because you ride your bike around (which cost 2 thousand dollars) or hang out at Four Barrel Coffee. Fuck it, if a SELF-MADE twenty-something BILLIONAIRE wants to hang out at some shitty park in SF he deserves the right. He has done more for our local economy then you ever will

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Wow, you’re like a hipster direct from studio casting. It’s kind of impressive, really.

  13. mickey says:

    Guys — What’s with the hate?

    Mark Zuckerberg is famous and rich, but still just a kid. No reason to attack him personally like that.

  14. Alfred God Tennyson says:

    This is a decoy. And also the photo could be altered.
    FatherJones reported that on that day he was also sighted in Iran signing a peace treaty on all our behalves (also in exchange for Facebook being used as the primary means of communication for centrifuge operators.)
    I was also sighted in a park on that day, but I can’t prove it. And I can’t prove that I don’t have a decoy or am being photographically altered. I have resisted becoming involved in the social media conspiracy and instead read hand-made, locally-sourced books, which I hand down to those in read.

  15. upinya says:

    Uganda be kidding me

  16. Chris says:

    “Rich people” are job creators you moron!

  17. Doug says:

    I’m not saying all rich people are “job creators”, but get fuckin’ real he definitely is! He may have created one of the valued companies ever. And if you know anything about business you would realize how many other businesses have been stimulated because of his. It’s something to think about when you are smoking your “medicinal” weed out of your unwashed bong.

  18. creative destroyer says:

    you all need to get a life