If you’re not supposed to wear Converse All-Stars anymore because Converse is owned by Nike now or whatever, what are you supposed to wear?

I’ve known no other shoe my whole lifelong. What’s a boy to do?

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99 Responses to “If you’re not supposed to wear Converse All-Stars anymore because Converse is owned by Nike now or whatever, what are you supposed to wear?”

  1. joshua says:

    buy ‘em used / vintage hahahahaha

  2. thesloppymilkshake says:

    Vans, duh.

  3. The Tens says:

    I don’t wear shoes, because, I mean, come on, fuck corporations. I dumpster dive for locally sourced shards of organic glass and coat my feet in it. Anarchy and whatnot!

  4. Liana says:

    There was a brand of Converse clones called No Sweat, for years, back when Nike boycotts were the big thing. But I just looked and I guess they’re out of business.

    • Mike says:

      I wear Ethletics. Only a little bit more, more arch support, great quality. Still in business!!!

      • Jason says:

        Mike, how much arch support is there? I like chucks for power lifting because of their lack of support and lack of padding, but the lack of room in the toes kills me. I checked out Ethletics and they a wide size so I am very intrigued now.

  5. Sweet T says:

    Checkerboard vans slip-ons.

  6. kiya says:

    You can do what i do, buy Japanese versions of Chucks. They’re made in small factories owned by families in Japan, they’re more comfortable, they last longer, and every detail from the rubber to the stitching is on point. (sort of how Chucks were made many years ago in the US)

    • Allan Hough says:

      Where do I find those?

      • kiya says:

        Only in Japan and Hong Kong. Those are the only two countries in the world where the locals are into the idea of spending hundreds on a pair of shoes that look identical to Chucks. You can also get the Visvim versions at Union LA. WE sold a version that was done for William Gibson about four years ago at Self Edge, but they only did them in 2009.

  7. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Counterfeit chucks are a big thing in Eastern Europe, but not sure where you would be able to find them here.

  8. MrEricSir says:

    Looks like someone is still butthurt over a corporate merger from nine years ago.

  9. Great Post says:

    Wait, why wouldn’t someone where Nike products? Moral reasons? Bitch please, climb down off your tall bike.

    • Daryl F. says:

      For the same reason some people boycotted cotton in the 19th century, yes the moral high horse of being opposed to slavery.

      • Great Post says:

        I swear Daryl, there is not a single thing you own that was made by someone indentured into a position of employment that is exploitative and immoral. There’s just no way, not someone like you, it cant be so!

        I can just smell the apple products whirring away on your desk….

        • bilbo says:

          This is a logical fallacy.

          Saying that x is wrong because of y is not short-circuited by the response, z also does y and you like z. Being a hypocrite has nothing to do with whether it’s fucked up to buy things made by child or slave labor. It IS fucked up. It is fucked up when Apple does it and when Converse does it. But, a valid argument about why it’s not fucked up is, well, you like Apple so Converse must not be fucked up. That’s not an argument and neither is calling someone a hypocrite.

          • Great Post says:

            It’s ok (hugs bilbo earnestly.) I was merely pointing out the fact that in this day in age NO ONE is allowed to point fingers at a failing system which supports and encourages the exploitation of children. Not unless they themselves are sure they don’t support it, directly or indirectly.

            Child labor is not ok, unfortunately even if I don’t buy Nike shoes, and encourage everyone I know not to buy Nike shoes the market is too large to be swayed by any concerted effort on my behalf to boycott the company.

            So what do I do? Those Steve Prefontaine re-released running shoes are beautiful and I would really like to have them. And the people shunning by interests, telling me that its immoral and unethical…they’re building their own computers out of parts made in China. What gives?

            All I am arguing is that right now the pot is trying to call the kettle black and that just doesn’t seem reasonable.

          • bilbo says:

            Consumer boycotts and advocacy, while not often effective, were what lead to labor reforms in the 90s and are what are leading to labor reforms in Apple’s plants right now. Will these reforms be enough? Definitely not, but it’s good that there’s movement.

            To the outside observer your belittling of Darryl for bringing up the issue is worse than what Darryl’s doing. It looks like you perceive Darryl to be claiming the high horse. You try to push him off of it and take it for yourself. It’s not really a helpful argument and it distracts from the actual issue, which is that we live in a world constituted by exploitative labor practices and we benefit daily from these practices.

        • Daryl F. says:

          First off, you point gets lost when you start fantasizing and making assumptions. I’m not on a Mac, I’m on a PC system that I built . . .

          But you’re right, there are probably things in my home that were made unethically. Sometimes you don’t know. It’s a big cop-out to think that makes it okay to knowingly go out of your way to buy from companies that are known for exploitative labor practices.

          It’s kind of like the people who say vegetarians are hypocrites because harvesting machines kill insects. I get it, it assuages your guilt to think in these black and white terms, it simplifies life and makes you not have to think so much about your actions and decisions.

          • Great Post says:

            Daryl F. = advocate for better labor practices around the world

            Shhhh, guys don’t bother. He’s onto something, lets build our own computers.

          • Daryl F. says:

            “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”


          • Great Post says:

            I’m sorry I realize my argument is narrow minded. I guess I just feel like there are a lot of people in our society who oppose one thing and then turn around and support it, not that you’re doing that Daryl, I just got heated and pissed off and started ranting and blaming you, my bad. Here’s an example that comes to mind (don’t hate me if its a bad example,) updating an occupy wall street twitter feed from an iPhone. Using the problems products to try and solve the problem, in turn filling their pockets even fatter.

            But in the end, I want to apologize. The exploitation of children in any regard is just disgusting and deplorable no matter which way we look at it. These are the shoes I was talking about, and I ended up buying them. I don’t know maybe they aren’t even that great but they feel comfy. I promise when the time comes for me to buy a new pair I’m going to go with a different company. Something more ethical and humane. Thanks for letting me rant guys!

            - a foolish boy with a big heart :)

    • Jamin Time says:

      True true. Child labor is not morally wrong. These children live in families with no money. The child is not giving up a day of well rounded education for work. They are giving up playing in the dirt for work which will translate into a better standard of living. They are not forced to work. They choose to because shitty work for a few dollars is better than no work for no dollars.

      Somehow children in China working is outrageous. But children plowing fields in middle America is totally cool.

      200 years ago in this country, no one would bat an eye at a 12 year old working for money. If it was ok then, then it is ok now. Real morals are not relative to the economic climate.

      • AttF says:

        I hope you’re joking and I’m too tired to read the sarcasm. Child labor in the US wasn’t ok and kids were subjected to horrible working conditions, which lead to a free public education system as opposed to slavery if you weren’t lucky enough to be born rich. It was exploitation then and it is exploitation now.

  10. Great Post says:

    shit. *wear

  11. chalkman says:

    my chucks are all 15-20 years old, so suck it!

    • Sweet T says:

      Your chucks have not lasted 15-20 years. No way in hell if they’re canvas. Even more no way in hell if you’ve actually worn them for 15-20 years. I was digging in some boxes at my parents’ house a few months ago and found an old pair of chucks I had in the late 90s. Those things must have aged 5 years just sitting in a box. It’s like they’re compostable.

      • Chalkman says:

        Unless the magic shoe elves have come and replaced them, the black hi-tops and blue lo-tops i have were both bought in the 90s to replace the ones i wore into the ground in the 80s. Im not wearing them every day or even every week though…

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Yeah, I’m still wearing Chucks I bought at the factory outlet outside of Boston back in the early 90s (for $14 a pair!) I don’t wear them every day, by any means, but they’re still holding up just fine

  12. scum says:

    I bought a pair of these on ebay for $30…http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=+motorhead+hightops&view=detail&id=8DE442F155F3DE1914E476D82A77FFF3DF8FBB2A&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR…they stopped making them and now they are pricy.

  13. addicted2converse says:

    is vans <evil< than nike?? isn't that the same debate?

    • crailsnatch says:

      Vans are made in the same Chinese factories that pretty much all shoes sold throughout the world are manufactured in.

      • AttF says:

        yeah, most of the brands like Vision Street Wear, Vans, etc have been bought up by other companies and have little to do with the original product other than brand name and design.

      • Pablo Cruz says:

        Actually, you’re dead wrong. Go into a Vans store and read the labels: Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia. China is no longer ‘cheap labor’ bruh, although some are still made there.

  14. Nigel Mansell says:

    What a bunch of whiny bitches.

    • bilbo says:

      Nigel, I would like to commend you on integrating sexist language into your slam of people who care about child labor! Great burn!

      • hater says:

        I guess you’d prefer the children to starve and denied of work

        • bilbo says:

          Another great burn! Being opposed to child labor definitely means I want them to starve. How’d you know? Again, incredible insight. :)

  15. hater says:

    Socks with sandals seems about your speed

  16. Jamin Time says:

    Is the idiot who vandalized property against nike because of conditions or because it is too mainstream? Once you vandalize property your moral high ground is basically destroyed.

  17. sx says:

    Great, now Nikes are bad, Converses are bad, and even cool is bad. What will I aspire to now?

  18. someJuan says:

    I only wear Stadia canvas sneakers I bought at Kinney Shoes years ago. I stocked up.

  19. GenevaTower says:

    There wouldn’t even be a goddamn USA if not for the suffering of indigenous cultures everywhere. If you want to set things straight move back to fucking Germany and take your entire gene pool with you. Let the Red Eagle family get their plot of land back. The world is what it is and no amount of complaining is going to change anything ever. The only happy ending is a fucking meteor. We live to fight, shit, eat and fuck just like the apes and chimps and everything in between has done before us.

    • AttF says:

      While I’d agree that life is a bitch and the natural order is basically killed or be killed, I’d also argue that complaining actually changes a lot. Most major historical events and government policies started with someone bitching about something….American Revolution, Fair Labor Laws, National Park System, Recycling/Composting programs, Arab Spring, Fall of Communism, Abolitionism, etc etc etc

      • GenevaTower says:

        We still ain’t gonna make it. Complain some more water onto this planet and we got a chance. It will be worth more than oil soon enough.

  20. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    What the fuck — you’re over 30! Just wear grown-up shoes! You’ll be wearing slip-ons and liking it in a couple more decades.

  21. Joseph says:

    PF fucking flyers son. http://www.pfflyers.com/

  22. Bernal Rob says:

    My New Balance were made here in the states.

  23. Jennifer Crum says:

    Buy Ethletic brand neakers. They look just like Converse but are fair trade, vegan and all natural. Shoebuy.com sells them in many colors. I own 3 pairs. They are awesome. Boycott Nike! I threw away all my Converse and i had a ton of them.

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