Brunch at Mission Bowling Club starts RIGHT NOW

They have bowling too, but MAN look at Mission Bowling Club‘s new brunch menu. 11AM-3PM Saturday and Sunday both.

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  1. Christine says:

    There is something slightly ironic about this post following the one about rising prices in San Francisco. Because as much as I will defend my neighborhood, I certainly can’t afford to pay $12 for a burger for breakfast.

    • symbiotique says:

      well…if you order a burger for breakfast, you’ll probably pass out for the rest of the day, so…

    • starboard says:

      I mean there’s everyday bkfst sammies and there’s fancypants brunch. food is art for some dudes like modge podge collages are for you.

      • fuzzymadre says:

        if you wanna be poor go live in an area with poor people. don’t hang around with trustafarians in the mission and bemoan the lack of brunch options. #whiteepeopleproblemz

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          What? Who the hell bemoans a lack of brunch options in the Mission? The Mission is up to its eyeballs in places to get brunch.

  2. Comment Removed By Staff says:

    Just eat one egg. But please keep living in the Mission my poor friend. Knowing you poor people are around makes the area hip for me.

  3. KyleM says:

    Ham and egg on an english muffin $11? AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

    Fuck you!

    • umvagina says:

      So order some fucking salmon.

    • slingerfish says:

      To be fair—two sandwiches come with the order. Not to mention a hearty side of home fries. My partner and I could have easily shared this and gone home happy!

  4. KyleM says:

    Wow, I just checked out the site. $55 an hour just to bowl on top of the insane food prices? When is this place going to go down the shit hole? I predict when the Instagram/Zynga bubble pops.

    • Jessica Roswell says:

      Wow. This comments section so far is the epitome of internet ignominy. Check out this place for one second and you’ll see it’s a labor of love from two *badass* local women. I know it’s not as cheap as hangover brunch at Cancun. But Jesus. Not everything has to be. Just because it costs more than sucking refried beans out of a can doesn’t mean it’s inauthentic. It just has to be worth the extra scratch. The question is: is it worth it? in this case: a resounding YES. The owners are for real and the experience will make you proud to live here again. Haters: give it a chance.

    • halfsens says:


      i went here during happy hour and it was only $35. my friends and i got hosed and had a blast. there were leather couches. :-)

      sorry you have an office job and can’t have fun in life. but then you should be able to afford the later price points, right?

      ’nuff said.

    • kissmyfaceee says:

      UM u don’t have 2 bowl. Le duh.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      Well, instagram has something like 9 employees. That would barely make a dent. So no danger of those whiteys fucking up your good time.

    • GG says:

      That is fucking insane. Drive 10 minutes south and go to Sea Bowl in Pacifica. It’s $29/hr weekends and $27 during the week. Or if you don’t have a car take BART to Serra Bowl in Daly City…. OH WAIT THEY JUST CLOSED GRRRR

  5. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Eleven bucks for Chilaquiles or Biscuits and Gravy?

    Fuck. That.

    • halfsens says:

      not like it’s less at boogaloos, or st. francis, or even sunrise. unless u r dumpster diving…STFU

      • KyleM says:

        Are you kidding? Huevos Rancheros at Boogaloo is under $10. Zazi is cheaper than this place. I’m sure you’ve never heard of that second one since you’re a Missiontard.

        • hipster jesus says:

          OMG you could save A DOLLAR there. Guess what, you could save MAYBE 7 DOLLARS by going to Mcdonalds! Why would people pay more

          • KyleM says:

            Two dollars. Sometimes three. You may scoff at that, but when serving three people it adds up. That lack of math skills is probably detrimental for you in other areas. You might want to brush up.

          • hipster jesus says:

            Sure hasn’t hurt my bank account. Sounds like yours needs the help more than mine, poor bro.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Boogaloos and St. Francis both < $11, smartypants. Check your numbers before you sound off like a feeb.

        • halfsens says:

          sure, if you order the cheapest menu item and a cup of coffee. st. francis or boogaloo’s also offer mimosas, cypresses, plenty of add-ons and any number of side dishes. adjust your data, scientist.

          • sobernova says:

            yo dude. it’s not BREAKFAST. it’s brunch. it’s supposed to be a TREAT. a TREAT is not something you’re entitled to everyday. it’s a reward for all your hard work. if you want BREAKFAST make an egg on toast at home. if you want BRUNCH, betta make it worth it.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            They could offer gold-plated caviar for eight vajillion dollars an ounce. That wouldn’t change the fact that their Biscuits and Gravy and Quesadillas are < $11.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            oop. By “quesadillas” I mean, of course, chilaquiles. I tipe gud.

    • ManuelJR says:

      I went there today and the portions were very huge. Any of the options you can easy share with 2 peoples. The eggs ham and english muffins included two sandwiches. Easy to share.

      The atmosphere is beautiful. I was happy with the money I spent.

      NO I am not rich. YES I work hard. I like to spend the $$ I earn on businesses that are worth it.

  6. Think_for_Me says:

    What prices will it take for you entitled pieces of shit to realize you should jump off a cliff?

    • solman says:

      Treat your girlfriend to a nice meal once in a while instead of spending it all at the pot club for your fake-ass astigmatism. Maybe then she won’t dump you.

      This is a local, women-owned business. Come on, peoples.

    • rod says:

      speaking of entitled, why do you feel entitled to get your food at a certain price point? if the prices are that outrageous, then people won’t eat there and they will have to adjust them. my suspicion is that there are quite a few in SF that can afford a $20 brunch.

      this is America, it’s a capitalist state. some people work harder and earn more than others. some people were just born with more than others. businesses are more likely to cater to these people.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        Of course. They are entitled to charge as much as they want to for their food. And the rest of us are entitled to openly mock them for it.

        • Christine says:


          • sicklecelldeleria says:

            Okay, but really. I get that we are all struggling here. Life is hard. Life is expensive. Life cost less in Portland or New Orleans and yet you continue to live here. Anyway. The point is: do you never yearn for something better than absolute basic necessity? Come here. Not every day, clearly. But once in a while. Have a good time. Special moments are worth more than an Egg McMuffin at McD’s. The fact that we think they aren’t is why we enslave animals and rape the rainforest. D’doi.

      • Jam says:

        and if you can’t afford it get the fuck out!
        “businesses are more likely to cater to these people”
        That is exactly the problem, if you want that to be the standard then fine. And for the record if you were born with money and think these kinds of prices/markets are ok and cannot see how they affect others who are not in that price bracket then you are the one who is acting entitled. Not your fault though, you were just born that way.

  7. $55 an hour after 8 p.m. most leibowski-scuzzy bowling lanes charge $9/hour per person during peak hours. you do the math. damn, gina.

  8. fuckwit says:

    Get a job waiting tables and you can afford it easy. Or move out of the overpriced trendoid Mission. Either way.

    • fuckthebutton says:

      like rite? i’d rather buy my clothes at thrift town and splurge on a nice meal than get designer labels and a trAendy zip code and all that nonsense. it’s yr priorities.

  9. bilbo says:

    When most people on this board tell you your shit is too expensive, it is probably too expensive. Most people around here would be up this place’s ass about how cool it was without much prodding, the prices have really put people off. You can defend it as a two person owned business or whatever, but it’s still catering to a different crowd than most of the people on this board.

  10. Jimmy Cliff says:

    Oh c’mon don’t try and blow $55 smoke up my ass. I’m sure the two women that own this place are nice, thats great, the Mission Bowling Club advocates leaving comments here are taking a defensive standpoint because they’re aware that this cost is relatively high.

    – Presidio Bowling Center: $4.75 – $7.25 per person – per game.

    – Yerba Buena Bowling: $35 per hour M-T $45 per hour Fri, Sat, Sun
    (no limit of patrons per lane)

    – 4th Street Bowl, San Jose CA – $5.50 per person per game for peak hours
    (Prices go down from there)

    • Chris B. says:

      Also, the average length of a game of bowling with two people is around 20, if they’re good and don’t talk or eat or drink or do anything other than bowl. So really given that a half hour rate is not available, six people heading out for a night of bowling are going to spend $110, thats before drinks and food.

      All that said, I wish them the best, I just think it shouldn’t be as expensive as it is. Especially when bowling alley’s are synonymous with well not being super expensive.

      • sexysadeeee says:

        Chris B. I appreciate your attitude but may not the math … the prices go down the more people you pack onto a lane … it’d be 20 a person with two people, but less with each person you add … 110 comes outta nowhere bro

    • rod says:

      yeah bowling is cheaper in san jose, you should probably move back there.

    • sicklecelldeleria says:

      Okay. SO:

      -Bowling prices = $45/lane between 6 – 8…

      -Bring 5 people…

      -Factor out the cost of having to get to THE PRESIDIO or gawd forbid SAN JOSE…


      • GG says:

        Are you chartering a private jet to get to the Presidio? Presumably you’d either use your monthly Muni pass or spend less than a dollar on gas.

    • sexysadeeee says:

      ummm….real estate costs in the mission are what they are. i wonder what these ladies pay in rent. #chainreaction

  11. the guy says:

    Who is my father?

  12. Marina Girl says:

    I LOVE this place! The food is YUMMY!! Read my YELP review you haters! Its well priced for me and my friends. We come to the Mission to look at art and people with nose rings. F.U. the Mission is the new Marina so get over it! Do they do a Marina Girl Salad?

    • Chris B. says:

      Lol, girl put down the airplane glue.

      • kiya says:

        Man, I got a double super-buzz. Here I was huffing airplane glue in a sandwich bag. Ya know, just all I could I breathed it on into my lungs and gettin’ high. And then I’d take me a hit of that gas. Right after I’d hit it, man, you talk about a warped mind, I got one. And lighter fluid, ya know, I’d sniff-hit by the can. I mean I was Superman.

  13. greed on a bun says:

    I love that the latin population of the mission is priced out….nice one

    • summersmiling says:

      way to assume that latins are poor. lameass.

      • i dont need no stinking papers says:

        Take a look at the census numbers that were just released. turdblossom.

        • slingerfish says:

          I’m sure there are still many struggling folks of every stripe living in the Mission. Whether they are Latin, or Caucasian college grads, seems beside the point. This place isn’t offering everyday breakfast; it’s offering brunch. To me, that’s a special meal apart from everyday grub. You wouldn’t take a date out to McDonald’s… (Not that I haven’t had many fine dates over tacos. But you get my drift.)

          I went there this weekend. The prices are in tune with the amount/quality of food served. These weren’t tiny dollops on otherwise pristine plates—these were huge, hearty portions made with top-notch ingredients. (See my post above re: Kyle M.)

          This place provides bang for your buck, as well as true artisanship. You will leave feeling fat and happy, not ripped off and hungry. Trust me.

  14. mike says:

    Fuck this place and fuck all you yupsters

  15. Tico says:

    Wow. The massive amount of snarling petty bitchery on this topic of ridiculously overpriced businesses from a bunch of wanky hipsters and nouveau riche posers makes me more determined than ever not to go to the Mission unless I have to. You guys make Oakland look better everyday.

  16. manahmanah says:

    Loco Mocos in the mission? Was not expecting that.

  17. Opinion rings says:

    Crazy Snot? what are you ‘Woods up to now?