My reissue of the Hickey compilation came today, and I’m having a moment

Hickey was a band from the Mission in the 90’s that was the primary inspiration for the whole Mission punk scene of the late 90’s and early 00’s. I pretty much missed them entirely – I was still getting into music and probably at a Suicide Machines show at Slim’s around the time they were playing their last show. I did get ahold of their album at some point as well as a burned copy of Various States of Disrepair that I ripped from the KALX library on my first generation iBook. At some point I saw Matty Luv and possibly another member of Hickey play at Mission Records in an acoustic band called Me, You, and the Boys. All I distinctly remember was the closing refrain of the best song they played, “I’m higher than youuuuu are, I’m higher than youuuuu are.” Sadly, Matty Luv died a year or two later.

I pre-ordered this album a few months ago when Corbett posted about it on Facebook. 1-2-3-4-Go records in Oakland put the reissue together, and they did a great job. It’s two LPs, Gatefold jacket, a larger than cd-sized stapled booklet that’s around 20 pages, free download, optional red vinyl, and an adorbs punk rock patch (people still make those?)

I’m surprised by how many songs I remember, since I probably haven’t listened to it in about 8 years. My teenage punk nostalgia has already been kicked into high gear since I discovered an awesome blog called Remote Outposts that is posting a bunch of old demos and DIY cds/tapes that came out around that time.

Anywayz, for those of you who are fans, I hope you are enjoying this reissue as much as I am. Is this the first time it’s ever been pressed as an LP? And for those of you who haven’t heard Hickey, they’re worth looking into if you like inspiring, passionate, weird, catchy, edgy rock music.


20 Responses to “My reissue of the Hickey compilation came today, and I’m having a moment”

  1. is this the legendary hickey of voodoo glow skulls pudding trombone fame?

    • Fyodor says:

      You fucking know it, brother… One of their best 7 inches… the Voodoo Glow Skulls side of the split is all death threats the Voodoo Glow Skulls left on their answering machine punctuated by the squawking of a trombone.

      • almost says:

        it’s actually a trumpet, that they stole from the voodoo glowskulls after they had hickey kicked off a show in arizona.

  2. Aesop says:

    Damn, I want one

  3. gooniestorm says:

    ‎”…and an adorbs punk rock patch (people still make those?)”
    ADORBS? SERIOUSLY? i just puked in my mouth a lil bit. even when your writing about my favorite band, i still hate this fucking blog, actually, perhaps even more. isn’t there some fancy new ice cream shop opening that you guys should be covering?

    • Nick Pal says:

      I can’t believe you are gonna vom just cuz I used the word adorbs when talking about your fave band, which is also everyone’s favorite band. Why don’t you go find something real to be mad about?

      • scum says:


        A common way of abbreviating “adorable”.

        Aw, Shannon and Andrew look totes adorbs together!
        What a fucking joke.

      • gooniestorm says:

        whatever, nick, or should i say “nicky darger.” yer not from the mission, yer from the richmond, and you can lick my fucking balls.

      • gooniestorm says:

        oh, AND .B.T.DUBBS… thanx for posting your “one time only” download code in the photo. i jacked that shit, bitch.

        • brandi says:

          daaaaaamn. that’s ADORBS.

        • Yup says:

          Same ole Jason Storm. God forbid a blog about the Mission write about music from the Mission. When are you gonna put out a Human Beans anthology so Nick can write about that, too?

          • gooniestorm says:

            i can’t tell if yer trying to call me out or not? if so, try harder next time. that shit wasn’t even funny. anyhoos, this is a blog that celebrates what the mission is now, not what it used to be. it’s all about fancy cafes and hipster graf and girls peeing ut of bus windows. okay, that last parts kind of cool… but i digress, i guess it just offends me a lil’ bit seeing all these new people trying to say they were down with a subculture that they if fact helped kill off. the mission used to be my home, and i can no longer afford to live there, neither can most of my friends. you know, the punks and weirdos and artists that made you fucking posers want to move there in the first place…

          • Yup says:

            No real diss intended. I was giving you a bit of a hard time, but I really do want a Human Beans anthology! Gentrification is a huge problem, but it’s hard to see exactly who’s at fault and blaming Mission Mission bloggers for all the wrongs seems a little much.

  4. gooniestormlvr says:


  5. krispy says:


  6. bevis says:

    you’re an idiot. get a life kid. shit is sacred for a reason and you’re ruining it.

  7. brad religion says:

    Jason is a punk bitch, not a punk rocker, uses “hipster” lime the jocks. Fuck hickey! Listen to Die Antwoord.