Who vandalized Dolores playground?

This helpful PSA popped up on the sidewalks surrounding Dolores Park recently, after Jeremy Novy allegedly vandalized the new Dolores Park playground. But I mean, we know it’s Jeremy Novy, since he appeared in a big SF Weekly article about himself and took full credit for the koi fish stencils all over town. Which people tend to like. But maybe people didn’t like that they showed up on the brand-new playground? Because it was so fresh and so clean? So they made a similar stencil and put his name on it, snitch-style? Actually maybe he didn’t do it. Maybe it’s a frame job! Maybe……. good grief, I’m gonna go to the beach.

21 Responses to “Who vandalized Dolores playground?”

  1. rod says:

    the guy openly does his own publicity and clearly loves attention, thanks to whichever anonymous citizen helped him in his pursuit to get more recognition. if it didn’t look like it was stenciled by a 1st grader i would wonder if he did it himself . . .

  2. Mr. Blackwell says:

    Hypocritical fish is hypocritical. Or do two wrong graffiti make a right graffito?

  3. Bill says:

    “Hypocritical fish is hypocritical. Or do two wrong graffiti make a right graffito?”

    Nope, its still snitchin… even if your a dumbass and use your real name in a poorly written advertising rag known as the SF Weekly. Kids these days.

  4. Mr. Blackwell says:

    I’d suggest it’s “snitchin” AND hypocritical. But properly socialized grownups outside the criminal fringe don’t really believe in omerta.

  5. Obama says:

    Vandalizing public/private party > snitching. Immature and arrogant lil childen. They should all be publicly exposed. That dude from Pop’s and other bars should publish their addresses so we can all tag the shit out of their houses and workplaces and see how they feel about it. Or their parent’s houses.

  6. Vandalizing the coolest brand new playground in the city? To the pitch forks!

  7. wizzer says:

    He’s a self absorbed graffiti vandal. plain and simple.

  8. Mamiel says:

    It’s not vandalism if it’s pretty and I like it. Signed, Dolores playground frequenting mom.

  9. mewissa says:

    do you yuppies actually care about a stencilled fish on the ground? Babies.

  10. Ron says:

    Jeremy Novy’s koi fish are a SF institution beloved by so many .. of all ages! The City should have him on commission to do koi fish in every playground in SF!

  11. monkeyfrog says:

    So you are butt hurt about him stenciling around the playground. But it looks cool and makes the playground blend it with the rest of SF.

    But someone thought, to bring attention to this “vandalism” they would vandalize the rest of the untouched sidewalk around the park.

    Smart people, real smart. Facepalm!

    • wrybread says:

      Agreed. And the koi fish are quite beautiful (yes, in my opinion), and the snitching response is an eyesore.

      I really hate when people say this, but it works so well in this case: fail.

  12. No Way says:

    What are you hipster yuppies complaining about? Judging by the content on this site, the readership here LOVES snitches…

  13. YvonDFL says:

    Other than the fact the “snitch coy” is poorly executed, I think it’s the perfect anarchist’s response. Street art is supposed to be a form of expression. Why is Novy’s expression acceptable and the response is not?