New Dolores Park drinking game

This is a pretty solid update on an old classic. It’s better than this one, though it lacks the cute illustrations of this one.

I especially like the “ppl from san diego” part.

[via mykittensdontrespectme]

8 Responses to “New Dolores Park drinking game”

  1. Chachito415 says:

    “Ghetto Tirade?” “Haight St druggies?” Are you 12?

  2. new says:

    what does being 12 have to do with anything?

    i always see at least one ghetto tirade go down, and generally a lot of haight streetkids.

    i think id have to drink for every square basically the second i stepped foot in the park.

  3. I drink EVERY TIME I see the Haight Street druggies. So I’m generally drunk all the time, seeing as how I live in the Upper Haight. Such is life.

  4. GG says:

    Dog wearing clothing
    Helicopter parent at new playground
    Gym-fit dude wearing only speedos
    More than 20 people in line for the women’s bathroom
    A real couch (saw this a couple months ago)
    The guy who plays “Raspberry Beret” out of his bike-mounted sound system

  5. GGGG says:

    Cops telling people not to drink or smoke in front of the kids….

  6. Wold says:

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