Local sketch-comedy troupe elicits LOLs with poker-playing minotaur and possessed beatboxer

I snapped this picture because the bound guy is wearing a kickass Deee-Lite shirt, but the sketch, “Beatbox Exorcism,” turned out to be even better than the Deee-Lite shirt. It’s a familiar exorcism story, but instead of shrieking and seizing, the possessed guy beatboxes uncontrollably — and this guy really kills it.

These guys Mission CTRL are part of the Piano Fight family of local sketch comedians, and I saw their new show “The $7 Billion IPO” last Thursday and had a lovely time, and I suggest you check it out tonight. Tonight! Last chance I think!

This troupe really excels at timeless, character-based stuff like the beatboxer, and a sketch where a group of guys are playing poker with a minotaur, but as the title suggests, there’s a bit of topical — and regional — humor in there as well. (There’s a pretty good grenade gag in one sketch, but it was kind of unnerving since I saw the show the same day we had a grenade scare about a block and a half from the theater.)

Anyway, it was all pretty good. The show takes place at Stage Werx, on Valencia near 16th. Admission is $20, which I know is steep, and I know there’s plenty of great comedy on Hulu and Netflix that costs you next to nothing — but there’s nothing like seeing it live.

3 Responses to “Local sketch-comedy troupe elicits LOLs with poker-playing minotaur and possessed beatboxer”

  1. Crankenstein says:

    These guys are so fucking funny every time I go. I haven’t had a chance to go to this one yet, but I’m going tonight. Can’t wait.

  2. Bilbo says:

    These guys are the best!

  3. Larry Chuckles says:

    So funny I peed my pants!