Mission Vegan: I scream, you scream!

It is now warm enough to enjoy ice cream. Sweet. What has two thumbs and loves Bi-Rite Creamery’s chocolate coconut vegan ice cream? THIS GUY.

Most ice cream places provide a vegan option in the form of a fruit sorbet, and those are great, but they do not really ring your ice cream chimes. This one does, and you can get it on a vegan cone.

Bi-Rite also currently has a Morrissey-themed vegan sundae combining aforementioned ice cream, blueberry compote, and crushed Newman O’s. Has anyone tried it? I didn’t find it as compelling as a good old fashioned scoop on a cone, but if I’m missing out, let me know!

32 Responses to “Mission Vegan: I scream, you scream!”

  1. scum says:

    Pink eye or last night’s makeup?

  2. Helen Tseng says:

    The chocolate coconut vegan ice cream is MY FAVORITE BI RITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR and I’m not even a vegan.

  3. JT Snowball says:

    girls and ice cream, can’t say no.

  4. DAIRY says:

    You know you want me…

  5. Vegan says:

    Huuulloooo, not when Bi-Rite’s vegan chocolate is dank as fuq

  6. ice SCREAM says:

    Bi rite is amazing, of course, but I also recently discovered a vegan ice cream by Scream at a stand at the Ferry Building. They had a peanut butter/vanilla flavor that is seriously delicious. Check it out!

  7. Fro-Yo says:


  8. mike says:

    wait are we all talking about a chocolate penis? makes me scream.

  9. Sigmarlin says:

    Conspicuous consumption is what herds the sheeple to BiRite. There is nothing special about the ice cream but you get to feel real cool standing in that line with all the other transplants that landed in the mission that week.

    SF was a lot better before the google jerks showed up.

  10. D. Jon Moutarde says:

    I think it’s really interesting that most of the recent personal comments about official Mission Mission posters have been directed at Caroline. That says something, but I’m not sure what. Maybe a sub rosa anti-vegan hostility, or perhaps some kind of misogyny that focuses on the most recent addition to the blog. I know that none of the other Mission Mission posters have had to put up with this level of obnoxious personal comments on every post.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      I just like to laugh at vegans. But even I can’t get too down on coconut-based ice cream. That shit is delicious.

  11. JenD says:

    I’ve had the sundae, and I am also not vegan, and it was AMAZING. Highly recommend!