Accepting donations for those affected by the recent fire at Valencia and Duboce

After Sunday’s fire displaced at least 37 Mission District residents, Ellen from the McCoppin Hub Neighborhood Association writes to let us know:

The San Francisco Friends School at 250 Valencia St is hosting a quick
donation drive [Tuesday] through Friday in their lobby from 8am-6pm daily.
Top requested items are new/gently-used clothing for adults and kids,
toiletries, blankets. (Housewares and other items may be part of a
future drive at another location when the immediate needs have been

SF Friends School is also hosting a Neighborhood Meeting to discuss
what is needed and co-ordinate efforts on Thursday May 10th, 5-6pm. A
Red Cross Representative will attend. All community members and other
aid organizations are welcome. Please join to show your support and
brainstorm what we can do next.

[photo by nancymancias]

7 Responses to “Accepting donations for those affected by the recent fire at Valencia and Duboce”

  1. Chachito415 says:

    Now that’s a worthy donation recipient.

  2. how says:

    This building appears to have 5 units total yet there were 37 people displaced in the fire. Therefore, some of these units, which can’t have more than a couple bedrooms each, must have contained 8 residents. I’m as sad about how they lived before the fire.

  3. Jeremy says:

    I count at least 10 units in the primary building, and some units in the neighboring building were also destroyed. I live right around the corner in a similarly-sized 3-floor building and every single unit comfortably accommodates 3 residents, so I doubt they were living in a very cramped way.

  4. Cara says:

    Fantastic, about the immediate-needs drive to help the displaced ones out! So glad someone is pulling something together to help. I just told my husband about the drive and we’ll see what we can donate in the way of clothes etc.

  5. GG says:

    Let this also remind the apartment-dwellers that we should all have renter’s insurance. It’s usually pretty cheap, and you’d be surprised how expensive it can be if you have to replace EVERYTHING you own.

    (BTW — ’cause I know how you guys are! — this is not a diss on the donation fund. I donated, and even if you have insurance there are plenty of out-of-pocket costs — not the least of which will likely be paying a higher rent at your new place, if you manage to find one.)

  6. goldplated says:

    Yeah, I heard a rumor that Four Farrel and Locanda are going to help out the displaced residents by donating the money they received from Mission residents for their insurance deductibles.

    Any truth?

  7. Susiefoo says:

    I have a big bag of clothes left over from the Fair Oaks Street Fair yesterday that I’d like to donate. Any idea if they are still accepting clothing donations?