4 alarm fire at Valencia and Duboce


A 2 alarm fire is raging at Valencia and Duboce, at a multi-story apartment building across the street from Zeitgeist.

I can smell it from 22nd and hear the sirens. I hope everyone’s OK.

Update (1:35pm):

It was upped to a 4 alarm fire. Witnesses reported an explosion prior. The blaze is under control now. 37 people will be displaced and there were 5 injured including 3 firefighters who were victims of a collapsed staircase. Scary stuff. Read on at Mission Loc@l.

[photo by nancymancias]

17 Responses to “4 alarm fire at Valencia and Duboce”

  1. Emergency_In_SF says:

    It has upgraded to a 4 alarm multi-structure fire


  2. Sweet T says:

    I can smell it at 23rd and Guerrero.

  3. R says:

    5-alarm fire. Partial building collapse. I moved out of one of those burning buildings on March 1st.


  4. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Wow, that’s a bummer. It’s always sad when one of those old buildings burn. I hope no one is hurt.

  5. Jessica says:

    The flames in the windows are freaking me out. I hope everyone is ok :-(

  6. gino luca says:

    so sad to see

  7. Rudy says:

    Those look like TowerStream installed antennas on the roof… they got a big contract with someone (ATT?) and are setting up corner-of-the-block nodes all over the city that have Ruckus gear on two sides…

  8. SlideSF says:

    As a survivor of a 5-alarm fire on Polk St. (I was asleep at the time), I want to sent my best wishes to everyone involved. I hope no one was hurt. As long as everyone is physically unhurt, everything else is replaceable. Mementos, keepsakes are the hardest loss to deal with, but they are only there to spark your memory. If you are alive and well, you can even replace those over time. Good luck for a speedy recovery. All things must and will pass.

  9. GG says:

    Hey MM, please do post if there is somewhere we can direct donations to the folks who were displaced.

  10. Athena Sahourieh says:

    Please let us know how I can help.
    Donation drop off location?

    Very sorry for all those displaced as well as for the business loss. As mentioned above, at least no loss of life incurred. I survived a devastating fire, it is an awful experience.

    May you all recover quickly.

  11. Siguanaba says:

    What a tragedy!!!
    (thinking about the residents of that building, I am so sorry for them & may God bless the firefighters)

  12. Honey says:

    Gentrification is horrible former residents receive. What doubt nothing of residency. Odd just suddenly caught fire. Reckon property values no doubt was. Owner offer higher price to displace.
    Former reidents since buidling rent control. Another dirty dead of greed for profits. 22nd Mission ruled non arson inaccurate. Building failed inspection now fire alarms. Worked properly if accurate Fire dept. Has accoutn to prove this valid. If not former tenants should sue. More fires
    anticipated to displace. Lower income tenants!