Summer of Lust at the Makeout Room Thursday!

It’s been way too long since the last Lusty Lady party at the Makeout Room, so if you haven’t made the trek across town to visit, now’s your chance to check out all the fun here in the Mission!  And if you have to remind yourselves why the Lusty Ladies are so rad, please refer to our pal Josh’s piece for the Bold Italic.

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4 Responses to “Summer of Lust at the Makeout Room Thursday!”

  1. SadButTrue says:

    I’d guess The Lusty Lady is failing because, well, it’s not a big turn on to look at average-to-worse-looking people get naked, unless you already love them.

    Real women may have curves, and most of us may be plain, but you can’t excite people with righteousness and statistics.

    God knows I wouldn’t expect anyone to pay money to see me naked. Unless they wanted to pay to experience sympathy.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      You think the Lusty Lady girls aren’t hot? You’re weird.

    • moderniste says:

      After having been dragged there by some drunken out-of-town friends, I must concur. I know it’s not P.C., but, well, there it is.

  2. roller23rd says:

    dude, you have not been to the LL in a bit. Yes, some girls are not what I would consider “hot” but that is what makes the LL so great. There is something there for everybody.

    I’ll be at MOR with bills to give.