Hopefully Dr. Rhodes is more adept at straightening backs than signage


But seriously, who actually goes to the chiropractor? Let these sham doctors crack your back once and it’ll feel good for a week, but then it’ll act up again and you’ll just have to keep going back. And back. FOREVER.

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to see a chiropractor.

5 Responses to “Hopefully Dr. Rhodes is more adept at straightening backs than signage”

  1. natasha says:

    Disclaimer: There is a lot more to chiropractic than just cracking your back. Also, if you have to keep going back to your chiropractor FOREVER then you are not going to a good one.

  2. km says:

    I recently asked the bouncer at Roccapulco (across the street) how long its been like this — he said 2 years. According to him it blew down in a storm and they put it back up backwards.

  3. So you’re telling me it was forward at one time then got put up backwards and they never took the time to switch it back? That’s sad…

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