CONTEST: Win a massive Hard French Pride party VIP prize pack!

Hard French is everybody’s favorite Saturday-afternoon vinyl-only soul music dance party, but this Sunday they’re going all out with another all-day Pride party! It is going to be unreal:

Hard French Hearts Los Homos Pride 2012
SOMArts Cultural Center
934 Brannan Street
Sunday, June 24, 2012, 4pm – 11pm
$25 General Presale, $60 Hard French Lovers Day Pass!
Presale tickets now onsale at

As always:
DJ Carnita & DJ Brown Amy with the Hard French Jiggalicious Dance Babes
Spinning the baddest all-vinyl girl group grooves, northern soul stunners and funky foot stompers this side of the ’60s

Live Performances by:
SSION (Kansas City)
Art-punk dance/design/film collective from Kansas City, Missouri, headed by Cody Critcheloe.
Sugar Pie DeSanto (Oakland)
Bay area 60’s soul and rhythem and blues sensation
Beyondadoubt (Portland)
Original, boundless bounce production using drag, vogue, genderfucking, twerk fierceness.

Featuring guest DJ sets by:
Mustache Mondays (LA), Mrs. (Portland), Stay Gold, Bearracuda, Ships In The Night and OH!

Wow. And the prize pack is similarly jam-packed:

2 VIP Tickets to Hard French <3′s Los Homos
2 Guest List Tickets to Pride Nightlife At The Academy Of Sciences (HF is DJ’ing in the coral reef!)
2 $20 Gift certificates to Explorist Records
1 $25 Ike’s Place Gift Certificate

Wowow. To win, in the comments section below, ask the Hard Frenchers a question NOT on their Hard French Hearts Los Homos Pride 2012 FAQ. Make it a good one. Hard French and Mission Mission will pick the best one, based on merit, and maybe they’ll answer it or maybe you’ll just win the contest. Contest ends at noon on Wednesday.

19 Responses to “CONTEST: Win a massive Hard French Pride party VIP prize pack!”

  1. Matthew says:

    Off topic: Mission Mission should start a weekly radio show.

  2. Michael D says:

    Will there be any fabulous food at this event?

    • Hard French says:

      YES – Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack will be serving meatbal sandwiches and salads and the Grilled Cheez Guy will be serving… grilled cheese!

  3. pcsf says:

    Why are readers of MissionMission willing to miss out on this hott-ass prize? (never mind i’ll answer it myself: because if they don’t have anything nasty to say against gentrification naysayers, occupy, or people who challenge white privilege they ain’t got shit. to. say…I HOPE I WIN!!!)

  4. A Jane says:

    Hey Hard French – I’m always hot and sweaty when I’m hard frenching, regardless of the weather. Will there be a watering hole (other than asking a busy bartender) where I can get my hydration on?

  5. Hard French,

    Hey Toots. Long time lover, first time scriber.

    As someone who will be hosting an animal collective of rootin’, tootin’ (not to mention fruitin’) dandies from out of town, i want to ensure my ‘united colors of benneton’ chums that your pridefest is the perfect representation of san frantastic. Not to encourage you to toot your own horn (lord knows we all try), but can you politely get your brag on and affirm your long-standing dominance for funk, love and adventure?

    A Dash of Oregano,

    All the Way with Mikey k

  6. smammies says:

    Hey hard French,

    Can there ever be too much booty in the pants? I’m ready to dance dance dance dance…..pick me! Pretty please!


  7. Katie D says:

    Dearest Hard French,

    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could f*&king dance the night away??

    (Answer: as much wood as he/she/it/they want, as long as they did it with love, personality, and style.)

    Cannot wait to see you all this weekend.

  8. Esteban says:

    What can I do to ensure that I make out with at least ONE member of SSION this weekend?

  9. pridetastic says:

    Hey Hard French: Does Mission Mission have any homosexuals blogging on their site or do we just get some face time cause its pride month?

  10. shani says:

    I’m a hungry queer, what kind of tasty treats will you have to eat? I recommend chicken waffles …breast meat n syrup sweet

  11. HP says:

    Whatever happened to the cat? The sick cat that the first Hard French was supposedly a fundraiser for. Did it live?

  12. SFKix says:

    Will there be a crowning of a Hard French Queen?

  13. el gringo says:

    Dear Hard Frenchers,

    Since the majority of you prance around in jorts that far exceed the likes of Daisy Dukes, I was wondering if you had any insight into how one keeps their trouser snake from making an appearance while proceeding to ‘Have a KiKi?’



  14. Alex W says:

    How does DJ Carnita have the time and energy to be a jet-setting, famous, sexy spinmeister as well as a kick-ass-and-take-names political animal?

    Hmmm, will flattery get me nowhere? In that case: How many sitting (or former I guess) Supervisors will be in the house getting jiggy with us?

  15. Joe Wiley says:

    HELP!! HELP!! I’m trapped in a hole several miles beneath the unexciting surface of the planet Gaydumb!!! Please pick me so I can evacuate this unjiggalicious sphere at once!! I’ll be bracing myself for a Hard French re-entry….Thought I wouldn’t, knew I would….

  16. Chad Ewing says:

    Will I get ejected from the party if I hard dance, hard cruise or hard french too hard? is there such thing as too hard?

  17. Bethany says:

    Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?