Pedaler’s Chili popping up outside Amnesia


It really speaks to the quality of the product when the purveyors consider their food delicious enough to eat themselves. And I’m totally admiring the decorations adorning this little alcove, too, which come together nicely to promote the authenticity of the rustic fare. Everything except for the overalls! Why do people still wear overalls???

With that said, they do fit the theme, and I must admit that was some damn good chili.

5 Responses to “Pedaler’s Chili popping up outside Amnesia”

  1. timbo says:

    Seems to me the overalls are part of theme.

  2. scum says:

    Overalls are fun with nothing on under them.

  3. cenaslim says:

    Great overalls.

  4. alper says:

    Overalls are fine by me but they’ll be even better without that megaphone. It gets really really annoying for people living right across the street after a while.

  5. West says:

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