Revolutionary new way to drink a Corona

Grapefruit instead of lime. Pret-ty good. But messy.

4 Responses to “Revolutionary new way to drink a Corona”

  1. Rumpspillage says:

    Allan Houhg likes salt with his rimjobs and coronas in his ass tail end first.

  2. ReelTawlk says:

    Frat Life

  3. Fiid says:

    The improved way to drink a corona is as follows:

    1) open bottle
    2) drink to the top of the shoulder
    3) add tequila to about 3/4″ below the top of the bottle
    4) add lime
    5) cover with thumb, turn upside down and then right side up a couple of times to mix. try not to spray “mates” when releasing thumb.
    6) enjoy your victory.