How to make eggnog

Surprise! You don’t buy a carton of eggnog!

Our pal Eric (as part of his beautifully shot, edited and scored Thirsty For… series) shows us how it’s really done:

3 Responses to “How to make eggnog”

  1. Katie C says:

    yes please.

  2. Lady Bex says:


  3. plumpy says:

    A long-form text message from my understandably upset downstairs neighbor while I was using a hand mixer making this eggnog at 3am:

    “Whatever home improvement or something you’re doing up there is incredibly loud and happening right above my bed. Maybe you shouldn’t be doing it at 3:20 in the morning. It’s hard to believe someone can simultaneously work at one of the most prestigious technology companies on earth and also be so consistently clueless.

    “I am, of course, giving you the benefit of the doubt by assuming you’re clueless. It’s either that or you know full well what you’re doing, which would make you a nasty human being. I’m going to go with clueless though.”

    I immediately stopped and… offered him some eggnog. He wasn’t interested? Oops.

    But seriously, this eggnog is DELICIOUS.