No scrubs

Our friend Heather found this notice posted up at SF General, where she works:

Do not wear while going to Dynamo Donuts, El Metate, or Humphrey Slocombe

Probably best not to risk looking like you have a reputable job when patronizing said establishments anyway, you might look like you can actually afford it here.

8 Responses to “No scrubs”

  1. dude says:

    I wouldn’t assume all the workers at general hospital can “afford it” here. I bet you a lot of them live in SSF or Daly City or elsewhere. Most health care jobs are lower on the income scale.

  2. Oh dear lord, more crazy shit from the corporate overlords. I’m putting up with it for the health insurance.

    • ? says:

      What’s crazy about keeping clothing to be used in “sterile” environments as clean as possible? I don’t want a side of SFGH bugs with my lunch, nor do I want a stray pinto bean slathered in salsa getting involved with my hospital treatment.

      Better practice would be gowning and de-gowning upon entry and exit of a sterile room, except SFGH probably doesn’t want to pay for the time/costs that would incur.

    • pdbird says:

      You make the point “I’m putting up with it for the health insurance.” and thats why we will never have universal free health care,its not the cost. it’s the fact that 50% of people would quit their shitty jobs the second they could have free healthcare and pursue a job that was more satisfactory to them. it’s a sick serf ownership situations that people have with these corporations they “work”for.

      • SFdoggy says:

        What a great idea; 50% of the people quit their real jobs to do something completely unproductive and the remaining 50% pay more taxes to pay for free health care for them. It is funny that you are so resentful about actually having to work for something that is really valuable to you — or conversely that you expect that others to just give you that valuable thing for for free.

    • Heather says:

      Yeah, this actually isn’t a “crazy corporate overlords” situation. First, SFGH is a county hospital, so it’s public, not corporate. Also, it is standard hospital policy in most, if not all, hospitals, that surgical scrubs shouldn’t be worn outside the building for hygiene purposes, to keep hospital germs away from the public, and public germs away from the operating room.

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