Crotch staring

From Mission Connections:

24th and Mission crotch staring – m4w (mission district)

You were crossing 24th street at about 6pm wenesday night.<19th. You walked at an angle directly toward me. Me a tallish older black male in fitted jeans grey sports coat knit cap talking on cell next to tree.At first you looked directly into my eyes and as you got closer you gave my crotch a long hard stare and then you were pass me. Want to stare some more? Reply with descriptiion. You were dressed boyish with a short boyish hair cut. Tell me your height approimately and color of your slacks. [link]

“Want to stare some more?”

8 Responses to “Crotch staring”

  1. Ian says:

    i think this is cute

    am i maybe supposed to be upset about objectification of men nah

  2. Ian says:

    wow there are so many poems in this missed connections

  3. Boney Bob says:

    I want to stare at teh stiff blak twilight male member too!

  4. SlobDog says:

    Camel toe is always in style for both sexes. I just wish more ladies would embolden themselves up to it more.

  5. Erik says:

    I think people talking on the phone usually don’t pay much attention to exactly what they are staring at.