Hey that big empty former Z Barn place on Valencia is apparently going to become something soon, something with reclaimed wood on the facade

That thing was empty for a million years, and they wanted like a million bucks a square foot for it. Can’t wait to see what’s coming!

22 Responses to “Hey that big empty former Z Barn place on Valencia is apparently going to become something soon, something with reclaimed wood on the facade”

  1. Hopefully whatever replaces it will not be run by criminals like Z-Barn was.

  2. MrEricSir says:

    So nobody knows what this is gonna be? The city Planning Dept. says “retail,” but that’s not very specific.

  3. molly h says:

    looks exactly like what they’re doing to the façade of the soon-to-be La Urbana ‘mezcaleria’ at Divis and Grove.

    see behind the mural in progress:

    what was that about Valencia 2.0?

  4. William Preston says:

    My friend is doing the electric work there. It’s a multi-gauge slotcar racing venture featuring vintage HO Aurora AF/X cars and track up to 1:24 scale. It also has/will share a food component and I believe a wine+beer license. Not sure about that part. We’ll see….

    • Caffeinated Cabbie says:

      hope you are trolling the shit out of us. what on earth at 1:24 scale could be worth a fuck?

      • William Preston says:

        Nah, that’s what we are wiring for. It’s red-tagged right now for inspection. I may have the slotcar lingo wrong- 1:32 sounds more like what they said. I had the AF/X setup when I was a kid in the 70′s but haven’t really encountered the slotcar scene since.
        There is a resurgence going on these days – google it.
        BTW our IBEW local is picketing Helix Electric outside of City Hall today – honk or ring bells pls!!

        • Brillo says:

          Slotcars, mini golf, gourmet bowling… I get it, you love and/or miss your 1980s childhood. This is getting as bad a baby boomer nostalgia.

          • reality check says:

            Slot-cars, mini golf, bowling – all part of the standard 1960s childhood. Skateboards, too. Nothing specifically “1980s” about any of ‘em.

          • From the '60's says:

            Public slot car tracks had brief run in the late ’60′s, then everyone began smoking grass and it ended with a thwack.

        • scum says:

          I was at the rally, kill the rat. I didn’t know that was a union job on Valencia.

    • olu says:

      Who’s doing the slot cars? There used to be a slot car race track in potrero? hunter’s point? I can’t remember. Also, one of the Extra Action dudes has a really nice slot car race track that he used to set up at Coachella for a few years…

      The mission has become bizarro dave and busters

    • SuperQ says:

      While it’s nice that fun things are going in, this is one of those cases where they should have nuked that building and converted it to 4-5 story mixed use while it was empty. Oh well.

    • bellpeppernostrils says:

      ok, im actually geeked for this if its true.

      however, seeing how badly mission bowling club is fucking up im gonna guess its going to cost a million dollars to use the track.

  5. biglippedkneegro says:

    Hopefully a Mervyn’s or a miniature Wal-Mart..!

  6. maybe says:

    Thought this was the Beta Brand Store, guess not.

  7. NewMission/Marina says:

    I thought Giant Value was going to downsize and move into that space as Medium Size Value.

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