Michelle Tea at Adobe Books tonight!

If anyone can provide some perspective on all the changes that have been occurring in the Mission as of late, it’s Michelle Tea, a local author who’s been around to witness the progression since at least the ’90s.  Her refreshingly honest writing on everything from drugs to gentrification strikes a personal nerve in anyone who’s lived in this neighborhood for a while (as does her tales of adventures at the Albion before it became Delerium) .

Anyway, tonight’s your chance to meet her!

Published in 2000, Valencia brought fame and critical acclaim to local writer Michelle Tea. This autobiographical slice of life of the late 90s Mission explores topics like queer culture, kinky sex, and obsession. Recently, chapters of Valencia have been made into a series of short films known as The Valencia: Movie/s

Join Adobe Books and Michelle Tea for this love letter to Mission subcultures! The reception will begin at 6:30pm; screening at 8pm. Michelle Tea will be in attendance and introduce the film.

Snacks provided Rainbow Grocery, beer donated by Speakeasy.

Tickets available at the door, and more details here.

7 Responses to “Michelle Tea at Adobe Books tonight!”

  1. Jerquee says:

    Aw dang, shame I already have plans this eve or I’d be there. A friend loaned me Valencia and another of Tea’s books that detailed her time in Boston when I moved from that city to this one. Have fun, those who make it out!

  2. mt says:

    it’s not called the albion anymore?

    • Jerquee says:

      No, and the Armory is no longer abandoned, should you be compelled to scale the outside and climb in an upper window.

  3. scum says:

    The only people that used to hang out at the Albion were coke dealers and their customers.

  4. ALWAYS HIGH says: