Lou Reed on Mission Mission over the years

First there was the time Lou Reed starred in a Supreme ad which was plastered on the Valencia Street Art Wall:

It promptly got defaced:

Then there was the time local gaming historian David Enos hipped us to the 8-bit classic “Lou Reed’s Street Hassle“:

Possibly my favorite was when we spied Lou Reed in the lining of a purple raincoat at Thrift Town:

Oh man, and then there was Doc Pop’s siiiiick animated GIF of a bunch of Lou Reed stencils:

Seeing him dining at St. Francis Fountain was pretty cool:

And finally, last Halloween, a nice little Frankenstein joke on the Faye’s chalkboard:

(Me and my family performing “Sweet Jane” at Thanksgiving 10 years ago was not on Mission Mission.)

Lou Reed rules!

2 Responses to “Lou Reed on Mission Mission over the years”

  1. Emo says:

    Awesome tribute. Thank you. He will be missed.

  2. Lou Reed was an inspiration