This ain’t no mecca, man

Sure, you know all about Green Day starting out at 924 Gilman, and you probably know the Rancid song this night is named after, but the history of Bay Area punk goes a lot deeper than that. And, at long last, our pal DJ Trigger Cut, who grew up here and over the years has amassed a seemingly endless collection of Bay Area punk classics all on vinyl, is gonna teach us all about it! Check it out:

This Place Is Fucked!
Happy Hour at The Knockout with Beth behind the bar.

DJ Trigger Cut is digging deep into the archives to play “classic” Bay Area punk from The Dils to Onion Flavored Rings. Come hear music from people who used to live in the Mission, but can’t afford to anymore!

Come worship with the Naked Cult! Experience the Mr T Experience! Suckle at the teat of the Swingin’ Utters! Get a deal with the Rip Offs! Come for the alcohol, stay for the Panty Raid! We’ve got 50 Million ways to satisfy your desires!

Plus, “Beth behind the bar” means LOTS of good drinks all happy hour long. Can’t wait! RSVP and invite your friends!

15 Responses to “This ain’t no mecca, man”

  1. David HassleHough says:

    Fuck Ups, 5th Column, Code of Honor, Sick Pleasure, Verbal Abuse, Urban Assault, Sleepers, Negative Trend, Lewd, Chrome, Fang, Intensified Chaos, The Undead……

    Swinging Utters? Puhlease.

    • Andy says:

      @David While I agree with many of the great bands from your list I have to disagree with the Utters dig. They’ve been putting solid records and playing humble shows around the Bay Area for decades…. what more constitutes a great local punk band?

  2. doobie says:


  3. LA says:

    Aren’t The Dils from LA?

  4. GG says:

    Oh man, you’re bringing back so many memories of my undergrad days at Berkeley. Did you guys know the singer of Hoodlum Empire (one of my favorites back then) disappeared back in 1995? It’s sad:

  5. Tom in SFCA says:

    What’s the matter? Ain’t ya never heard of Bad Posture?

    • David HassleHough says:

      Bad Posture GDMFSOB! 7′ singer became Los Cerveceros and school teacher…of course – the list was not complete just dashed off – didn’t even have Flipper!
      Dils, later Rank and File were from here.

  6. El Pito says:

    Attitude Adjustment, Clown Alley

  7. FB says:

    The Blottos

  8. David HassleHough says:

    Napoleon Blownaparts and Shitty Shitty Band Band don’t count as Classic, but were great names.

  9. Treeman says:

    Bummed I missed this.

    Attitude Adjustment is from Oakland.

  10. This is an awesome party!