Burrito everything

Yesterday we heard about a burrito vending machine and a year old article in Esquire proclaiming El Farolito’s burrito to be the most life changing in America* made the rounds, sparking some inevitable backlash. Today the ol’ HuffPo brings us a video of an amazing burrito cake made by a bakery in Portland** for a wedding.

Watching this makes me hungry and grossed out at the same time. My brain and stomach can’t reconcile what I’m seeing.***


*I would say the super quesadilla suiza is more likely to be life changing. Also, I’m not actually sure how either food changes anyone’s life.

** Artisan Baking Company, name wouldn’t fly in SF because EVERYTHING IS ALREADY ARTISAN.

*** Doesn’t that burrito cake look angry? Like it’s gonna angrily eat you?

4 Responses to “Burrito everything”

  1. Smog Monster says:

    H.P. Lovecraft burrito.

  2. robot says:

    black olives! that is not a true burrito aka mission.

    that is an abomination. a Portland wood stump in the pie hole of culinary arts.