3D City: Time To Read

3D City is year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular

Every time my wife brings her car to Mission Tires, I love to tag along. They have one of those electronic massage chairs, like you see in airports, but these are free. So I bring a couple comics along and spend an hour or two reading in the fancy chair. Last time we were there, I spotted this guy (in the pic above) going for a more old school reading position. I guess the chair was already occupied.

These shots were all taken with a Lumix G camera with a 3D lens. I planned on doing these 3D City posts mainly with film, but I thought I could try out a digital camera sometime too. Turns out I didn’t like it. The shots are crisp, and I love doing landscape orientation instead of portrait, but I really prefer the smooth animation you get using 4 frames (like on my Nimslo) rather than just 2.

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