Malort in San Francisco! (?)

Our pal Paul (of the “Drink of the Week” segment on’s “Weak Ledes” show starring Nick Pal, formerly of the “Drink of the Week” column on Mission Mission) points out that Trick Dog has some kind of Malort!

(Somebody on Twitter points out that it’s not actual Malort, so to Malort lovers it’ll probably be like when I order a Fernet at some weird bar and they give me the “Fernet” that’s made in Colorado: it’s fine but it’s not Fernet.)

In any case, possibly really good news for Malort lovers probably? And also, does anyplace in this town have actual Malort?

12 Responses to “Malort in San Francisco! (?)”

  1. Old Mission Neighbor says:

    You are just so damn hip.

  2. Phil Dokas says:

    The Flickr office in the FiDi keeps it stocked for spiritual enlightenment:ört%20flickrhq

    But good news, you can get the real deal online!

  3. Rudy says:

    Fernet is a generic term, btw. Fernet Branca is a brand, and if a bar has more than one type of fernet, then you should specify.

    • Allan Hough says:

      I also prefer Coke to Pepsi and Kleenex to Puffs.

    • umm says:

      Fernet Branca kind of built a brand in the states, bars were not stocking these other brands of fernet until Fernet Branca had become a big hit. it’s kind of like ordering a ‘Jack and Coke’ and getting served a cocktail with Jack Davis whiskey.

  4. Simon B says: but shipping is like $19 on top of the bottle price.


    • Nick Pal says:

      Agnes and J have a Binny’s guy – they bought all their wedding booze there. Probably worth giving him a call to ask what the how best to execute this transaction, although we’ll have to block off half an hour cuz dude is chatty as fuck.

  5. Jose Jones says:

    My apartment has Malört. Swing by!

  6. Matt says:

    Capo’s in North Beach has Jeppson’s on the menu. Only place in SF I’ve seen it, but fitting considering that it is Chicago-themed to a Disneyland-like level.. No Old Style though!