Oh shit, is it really Bike to Work Day tomorrow?

Looks like it’s arrived early this year!  Be sure to be extra cautious during your ride tomorrow since there’ll be a ton of rookie riders making their tentative first commute on our city streets, and try not to get mad when you get repeatedly cut off by clueless first-time cyclists.  After all, the ultimate goal is for everyone to eventually stop being wussies and start biking to work every day, so let’s all try to be as supportive as possible!

And if you play your cards right, you might just encounter a magical moment like this:

16 Responses to “Oh shit, is it really Bike to Work Day tomorrow?”

  1. wurple says:

    Uggh. I thought every day was entitled cyclist day. How many of these low performers will be riding on the sidewalk after “fighting for their rights” to get bike lanes and full use of traffic lanes?

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • rory says:

      Like most of us who live in SF, I walk a lot, yet I fail to see this epidemic of sidewalk cyclists that is apparently ruining the city for so many blog commenters who feel the need to copy and paste the same tired old complaints any time there’s any mention of cycling. Yes, it does happen, but how often does it actually affect you, other than you had to see it? Anyway, people who care about and advocate for bike lanes and for safe and efficient transit options for all road and public space users are not the same people riding on the sidewalks. So it’s unhelpful and troll-y to pretend as such.

      How about this, wurple: next time you see someone riding a bike on the sidewalk, wave him down and tell him it’s illegal and inconsiderate. Maybe he just doesn’t know; maybe he’s a beginner and not confident enough yet to ride in the street. Or maybe he is an entitled jerk who needs to be called out. Anyway, it’ll be a lot more effective than bitching about it on this blog.

      • Samanther says:

        Voice of Reason? you must be lost!!!

      • mushmouth says:

        I do do that, often while riding my bike in the bike lane. Sadly they are usually too far away and moving too fast to have a “reasonable conversation”. Most conversations to cyclists about their etiquette devolves in a hurry, even, or maybe especially, when it comes from another cyclist.

        • rory says:

          yes, all too often scofflaws and assholes on all kinds of transportation are not receptive to polite constructive criticism. But, the few times I’ve yelled at cyclists that they need to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, they’ve responded with a humble “sorry!” and I’d like to believe it’ll alter their future behavior.

          • troll says:

            I do call ‘em about. But just so you know, bitching on a blog about bitchin’ on a blog sure seems funny…

          • rory says:

            well, this is where the bitching is happening, so it seems appropriate to bitch about that here. Compared to seeing these alleged sidewalk cyclists and then waiting for the appropriate blog post to bitch about it.

            Or maybe I could find out where wurple lives. And furtively leave a passive aggressive note on his door.

      • of course says:

        I ride down the sidewalk wearing my Google glasses eating an $80 Dear Mom bagel sandwich that I waited three hours in line for. Usually I have my Chrome messenger bag with vintage Belgian Army patches, too.

      • Valenchia says:

        I a most surprised when I encounter a cyclist on the sidewalk on Valencia St. — it happens fairly often. Usually it is not a big deal, but I really wonder why they can’t use the bike lane.

        • mishoginist says:

          Sense of entitlement, and knowing a police crackdown would cause a riot.

  2. Ebog 3 says:

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