Something really disgusting on Capp Street

It’s so gross I don’t even want to put it on the front page, but it seems noteworthy maybe, so you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you want to click through and see it or not:

[via Capp Street Crap]

10 Responses to “Something really disgusting on Capp Street”

  1. tink says:

    When life gives you lemons

  2. forreal says:

    I have seen these allover the Mission. Where have you been.

  3. MissionBernal says:

    Keep it classy San Francisco

  4. Emory says:

    You don’t use condoms, you use balloons, and then you throw them at people during Folsom Street Fair. It’s a super fun, wet and yellow game.

  5. Sassygirl says:

    That person needs to drink more water.

  6. Bonnhie says:

    I love the category for this too!

  7. Oyster Boy says:

    Reading from out of town. Thanks for the update.