Drink of the Week: ‘Strawberry Rum Job’ by BuzzBallz

This week’s “Drink of the Week” is a very special review by the very talented Podboy:

Guess what.

I don’t really want to tell you because I hate it so much I promply tried to forget it. I’ll give you a hint though which is: it is the same amount round as red as it is gross. In case you couldnt guess from those clues I did BUZZ-BALLS. Unluckily even if you guessed right your still wrong because to be honest it was more like BARF-BALLS.

“BUZZ-BALLS RUM-JOB” NAME doesn’t even make sense except unless you count how feeling like drinking it is a STRESSY JOB!

To be honest the strawberry flavor is quite sweet and fresh but the rest of it is very hot on your tounge and barf-like. If I could say one thing to the maker of this it would be you should make it all the way round so it rolls away from me.

Do I reccomend this drink? In fact I DO reccomend this drink. I do reccomend this drink is never drank by a human that is!

Ha! Thanks, Podboy! (Be sure to check out the Podboy archives for some killer X-Files and Walking Dead fanfic too.)

[via Podboy]

2 Responses to “Drink of the Week: ‘Strawberry Rum Job’ by BuzzBallz”

  1. lurkskatesf says:

    can’t hang w da buzz, babe

  2. Person X says:

    You should probably leave any future alcohol reviews to lurkskatesf.

    By the way, the peachball is the best one