The wings at Chino are the best wings I’ve ever had in my life

That’s the main thing. Here are some other things I like about Chino:

  • They’ve got lumpia, and it is goooood
  • The Singapore Slings are really good instead of really bad
  • The chicken salad is the bomb
  • The dumplings!
  • The noodles!
  • Their logo is cool
  • Super nice staff
  • Open late (’til 1 starting tonight I think)
  • Perfect volume level; you can be boisterous and not bother anyone
  • It’s really fun to order “four Singapore Slings please” over and over
  • A server asked how our dinner was and I stood up and did a bootie dance and she was pretty chill with it
  • Even the cucumbers they tell you not to eat are actually pretty good

Chino rules!

10 Responses to “The wings at Chino are the best wings I’ve ever had in my life”

  1. scum says:

    So are you saying it’s like any Marina joint, full of obnoxious, loud drunks? “you can be boisterous and not bother anyone” “A server asked how our dinner was and I stood up and did a bootie dance and she was pretty chill with it”

  2. Floyd says:

    Thought the name of the place was iChino.

  3. High Risk Vermin says:

    Does this endorsement enable round 2 for free, or was that the original deal? Shameless.

    • of course says:

      You haven’t been around this blog that long if you think this is shameless. All fuckface does anymore is market shit. Ariel seems to have fucked right off and he was the only decent poster.

    • Allan Hough says:

      What would you prefer? You want us to write about stuff we don’t like? Ariel fucked off because he doesn’t like the neighborhood anymore and he grew tired of eulogizing the old days. I still kind of like it here and am doing my best to celebrate what’s good. Chino rules. And they haven’t given me anything for free.

      • That’s the way these things go — at first, you’re the coolest. Then, the next generation gets kicked out of their parents’ place, and you’re a target.

      • of course says:

        Ariel’s position makes sense.

        Fair enough about Chino’s, but in the context of what many of the posts on this blog are about (and have been about for a while) it’s easy to think this is advertising. I’m talking about how your favorite few spots seem to come up over and over again and include pricing, specials, etc. Maybe that’s just what blogs are about now and it’s totally off base to criticize someone for writing about the same businesses over and over again, but this blog wasn’t always like that (and didn’t rely so much on that content).

        At this point, though, I think the hating is tired (speaking about myself), so I will try to be constructive and positive from here on out. I always appreciate the different stuff on here (like the drama talk, the coverage of politics in the Mission or protests or whatever, the weird shit (like the laundry story), the show reviews (when you had them), the photography (even if it’s not always great), etc. I also think the frustration about the changes the Mission (and the city) have undergone gets taken out on you simply because you’re writing about the new places, people, activities, etc., which isn’t fair. Whether it’s good or bad, people see this blog (and you as an extension of it) as representing a certain part of the city that many have an attachment to. You have a good amount of traffic for a neighborhood blog and that’s part of why there’s a backlash when you feature businesses. But at the end of the day, it’s just a blog and you should do what you want to do.

        • Allan Hough says:

          We’ve always tried to keep it personal though. I’ve read neighborhood blogs that work really hard at being “impartial” and reporting on all aspects of the neighborhood equally, like they’re some kind of news outlet or something. And it’s usually pretty boring. No personality. I think we have our good amount of traffic because we’ve usually had a good amount of personality, which means we write about what we like.

          I mean, there were probably like five posts a week about Bender’s back in 2009 when KevMo and I hung out at Bender’s all the time.

  4. Katie Waddle says:

    Ever tried San Tung in the Sunset? Chino’s wings were good, but not really in the same class. Our main problem with San Tung was that we ordered what the waitress said was a good amount of food for 6 people, and then were so hungry still we briefly contemplated going to Little Star afterwards.