What’s your favorite Beatles song?

Feel free to select from this handy list inside the jukebox at Taqueria San Jose:

Not pictured:

  • While My Guitar Gently Sweeps
  • Eleanor Pigby
  • Back in the K.K.K.
  • In My Wife
  • She Came All Over the Bathroom Window
  • Ass Onion
  • Frig a Pony
  • I Am the Porpoise
  • I Want to Hold Your Gland
  • I Saw Her Standing Bare
  • Revolution 6

[via @blickblondhi]

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11 Responses to “What’s your favorite Beatles song?”

  1. Matthew says:

    Take a bad song and make it worse.

  2. Damon says:

    ALL potential entries in last night’s @midnight #BadBeatlesSongs Twit-contest.


    also, i think i’m the only one who thought brad was cuter than melody

  4. “Do You Want To Know A Seacrest?”

  5. blickblondhi says:

    Thanks for helping me feel as though I actually did something today!

  6. “Slobbery Fields Forever”

    (I stole that one from Captain Beefheart)

  7. “Your Mother Should Blow”