Google Translate is really powerful these days

I mean it’s way more powerful than Google Image Search, which completely failed at the same query:

None of these results are what me and my German pen-pal were looking for.

Also, did you know the German word for slug is basically “naked snail”?

2 Responses to “Google Translate is really powerful these days”

  1. Scarab says:

    You were looking for “Los Pechos de la Chola”? Busen would be the right word, but in a geographical context, that is already used in german for bay of the sea. E.g. “Jadebusen”. Maybe “Busenberg”, if you want to describe Twin Peaks, as I presume.

    • Allan Hough says:

      Nah, we were talking about that style of ’80s pop art where a giant naked (sometimes robotic) lady would be hidden in a landscape of rolling hills, with maybe a road snaking through it, and maybe a Ferrari on the road.