Starbucks to open inside new condo complex at 15th and South Van Ness?

Neighbor Carrie just wrote in:

I’m a Mission resident living at 16th and Capp. I was walking my dog last night by the new giant residential place that’s opening up on the corner of Van Ness and 15th (giant gray horrible ugly building across the street from the artist’s billboard that reads: “Sell Your Hopes”) and saw the property owner showing another businessman around the building. As my dog was pooping on the sidewalk, I heard him say, “In the commercial space, we are either going to lease to a Starbucks or a pizza joint.”

My jaw dropped.

If a Starbucks opens here, I will probably commence looking for an apartment in another neighborhood.


[Photo by Google Maps]

41 Responses to “Starbucks to open inside new condo complex at 15th and South Van Ness?”

  1. kiya says:

    Who the fuck moves because a Starbucks opens up near their house?

  2. dodsy138 says:

    However the stabbing and the shooting that happened within 48 hours of each other in the 16th and Capp st. area didn’t make you think twice about moving? This is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard.

  3. Joe Wiley says:

    It’s already way too late…….

  4. kov says:

    I agree with kiya – “Neighbor Carrie” is a moron. My jaw dropped when I read Carrie’s stupid comment.

    p.s. starbucks makes better coffee than blue bottle you hipster douchebags.

  5. Jason says:

    This building is ridiculous. Absolutely hideous.

  6. En-Chu Lao says:

    Hey, all you gaspers at this building going up in your part of the new tony Mission; give them some time, the building isn’t finished. The barbed wire at street level and strategically placed gun turrets on the roof have yet to be put into place.
    Er, it IS going to be a prison, right?

  7. d_son says:

    Someone heard that windows facing the street help deter crime, so they went ahead with the prison theme. Sterile and armored like the grey concrete of the new mint; I’m sure its softer inside. New Money meets No Money and says let’s latte over it and you can help me look like we fit in the neighborhood.

  8. Miss Mish says:

    @ Neighbor Carrie

    When you move, our plan will be complete.

  9. Bob says:

    Ha, funny you would label this “giant.” Jesus this city is absurd

  10. Shotwellian says:

    A public hearing and a special formula retail permit would be needed for this to happen. Starbucks was just recently rejected at Sanchez and Market — I’d be very surprised if it were approved here.

  11. bobwhobuilds says:

    @ Neighbor Carrie. Go and move! No one wants you here. You and your shitty attitude can fuck right off.

  12. Valenchia says:

    I agree that this quite ugly — but the folks on socketsite are quite enamored with its modernism.

  13. Lindylula says:

    I have to ask myself, what kind of dbags come to the defense of a massive massive corporation. Like they need defending? Like they don’t have all the money in the world to defend themselves so they need little old YOU to police the internets and jump all over people like Carrie’s back. Fuck off and get your asses back to work you god damn layabouts. Sheesh. Pathetic.

    • troll says:

      Eh, no one’s really defending SBUX. They’re ridiculing this being the breaking point for Carrie, given the changes here the past four years.

      • Bob says:

        Let me guess, you moved here in 2010 *rolls eyes* It’s always so different after someone moved here. I’ve been since the mid 90s, back when werepad was happening in the dogpatch (look it up, or go to vortex room for 5% of what it was like), DIY places were common in the mission (probably only electric blanket now? and its a store). Post first tech boom it entirely changed, and I heard plenty about how much weirder it was in the 80s.

        Your ’4 years ago man’ argument is annoying, it’s no different now than it was 4 years ago.

        • troll says:

          4 years was when I was assuming she moved here. Been here all my life aside from college. Nice try, overcompensating transplant.

          • Bob says:

            Eh, fine. I was just thinking about werepad recently, a great place. I’m not cool enough to know if a place like this still exists, couldn’t exist here, but maybe Oakland? I’m an old man so eh

        • legitMissionOG_arrived2012_yo says:

          Whoa, werepad. You seriously old school, dude. My old cousin told me there was a place even before that called the Tool & Die that was actually in the Mission. I mean the Mish.

          • sfthen says:

            The Valencia Tool & Die was just that, a tool and die shop back when Val was blue collar. There was a basement under the vacant top level storefront and for a very brief time bands would play there (“Flipper Live at the Die”). It was fire trap disaster waiting to happen, a narrow stairs down to the low ceiling single room, all the amps plugged into one outlet, a large plastic garbage can full of ice for the beer they sold so that there was standing water on the bare concrete floor usually where the band stood holding guitars.

            Took a while for the police to notice it even though it was only a couple blocks from the station (then on Val/23rd). Skateboarders hanging about outside late at night on the otherwise dark empty street probably clued them in.

            Now the space is that yellow saffron store.

          • Bob says:


            Yea long before my time, something like that on Valencia was already basically unfathomable in the mid 90s. That kind of thing took place elsewhere, such as werepad in dogpatch area. Now its unfathomable anywhere in SF unfortunately, but I figure Oakland must be doing things? I hope young kids have cheap interesting places to go still.

          • WOH says:

            Dumbasses we are still doing underground shit – it’s just not hyped on dbag blogs, so you don’t know about it. Check out -edit- nevermind.

          • Bob says:

            That’s cool, I have no idea where such a thing would occur in SF, but I guess I don’t doubt it. I just assumed Oakland would be the place, as there’s a huge amount of opportunity.

  14. troll says:

    Wow, Carrie. I hate to break it to you, but you’ve been living less than a mile away from not one, but two Starbucks. As a neighborhood resident, I’m shocked you’ve never heard about the one on Mariposa/Bryant or in crappy Safeway. Pobrecita.

  15. Peter says:

    Why was this stupid article published?

    • logan the huge says:

      It’s more stimulating than the navel gazers listing people that alan often publishes

  16. Grizzled Mission says:

    I’ve driven by this building, and walked by it. When driving, it seems grim and without character. Some sort of Eastern European “we put building here how” quality. But when I walk by it, it seems serene, substantial, and executed in some sort of classical proportions. I think this may be a better-looking building than a quick glance can convey.

  17. Greg says:

    Clean up your dog shit first.

  18. the guy says:

    I don’t understand. I just want to party.

  19. pastido says:

    While I don’t think that having a Starbucks is the “tipping point” as we already have a lot of wanna-be capitalist garbage from the bearded “locals”, I think less boring corporate shit is a good idea.

    • one says:

      All these fucking new buildings look like prisons. Good god, the architectural atrocity at King and 3rd is mind blowing. Welcome to an improved wind tunnel along market to van ness. Barftastic color at Noe and 16th. I don’t think we have enough banks though. Can’t have enough banks.

    • one says:

      hm put rant in the wrong place, but golf clap to you sir. Well done.

  20. scum says:

    (1) A Starbucks will never open there. (2) A pizza joint will fail because of a lack of foot traffic. (3) Why do you walk your dog two blocks to shit when you already live on Crapp St?

  21. kov says:

    @ Neighbor Carrie – you are a fucking retard. go fuck yourself.

    (p.s. I am almost a gold member at starbucks now biatch)

  22. TinyTim says:

    Same with me. I’ve had to move 21 times in the last 18 years. Since I’ve never been able to really take advantage of rent control, I’ve had to resort to saving money by making my own “pour-over” coffee every morning.

  23. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Starbucks is terrible coffee, sure, but at least as a corporation it’s fairly progressive.

  24. David says:

    The building in unattractive. It reminds me of the apt buildings at Twin Peaks that originally were thought to be nice. It looks worse in person by the way.