Throwback Thursday: Dennis Richmond rules!

Way back in ’08, when beloved longtime local news anchor Dennis Richmond was set to retire, everybody went nuts. We did a post about some portraits people had done to honor him, which led to our discovery of this gem on Flickr:

Such a great Dennis Richmond portrait — and itself just a killer photo, right!?

AND THEN, GET THIS, years later, I was partying at Thee Parkside and had a CHANCE ENCOUNTER with the two sisters in the photo! I couldn’t believe it! I told them what a big fan I was, we did some Jäger shots — and then we recreated the photo, with me as Dennis Richmond:

(I never posted about this development before, but I found this pic the other day while putting together my album of Mission Hill Saloon/Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee memories.)

Dennis Richmond rules!

2 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Dennis Richmond rules!”

  1. Helen Tseng says:

    Love those two! Fave sisters to take shots with before a Beyonce concert after my own sis.