Empathy for the doomed old Sears in Oakland

From our favorite Oakland personality Ryan Christopher Parks:

The Sears is being demolished and turned into lofts.

[Photo by Google Maps]

6 Responses to “Empathy for the doomed old Sears in Oakland”

  1. Sunnyside of the Bay says:

    Hold it, where does it say that the building is being demolished _or_ turned into lofts? The article says the buyer is “transform[ing] the six-story building into a retail and office center”.

  2. El Dedo says:

    We should find this Ryan Christopher Parks and demolish him, then turn him into lofts.

    It sounds like he really wants that.

  3. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    Sad, but unsurprising. At least it’s not being demolished, so at least the structure will remain.

  4. Missionish says:

    Sad. I have a soft spot for an old fashioned department store. It was fun to go in there and dream of days of yore. The actual sears stuff was pretty crappy though.

  5. Oyster boy says:

    I think I actually bought a tool in there once. It was like a step back in time.