Dave Chappelle vs. the drunk 30-year-old idiot startup bros

Emma Silvers of the SFBG first saw Dave Chappelle live about 10 years ago, in an arena at UC San Diego full of college kids yelling “I’M RICK JAMES, BITCH” over and over. And then she saw him late last night (actually early this morning) at the Punchline here in SF:

You know what happens to drunk 20-year-old idiot college kids who get an ego boost from yelling stupid shit at standup comedians? They do grow up. They get jobs. They move to SF. They buy expensive collared shirts. And they become drunk 30-year-old idiot startup bros who get an ego boost from yelling stupid shit at standup comedians.

“DAVE who’s the hottest celebrity you’ve slept with!” (“That question assumes I’ve slept with a celebrity.”)

“DAVE you lift, bra? You lift!” (“No, this is actually just a really small shirt.”)

“Hey Dave! HEY DAVE! Are you gonna get the iPhone 6?” (Blank stare of disbelief. “Uh, probably.”)

Read on for thoughts on the entirety of the 4-hour set. (It seems like his method hasn’t changed much since the time Ariel’s mom saw him at Yoshi’s in 2012.)

[Photo, completely unrelated btw, from the time Andrew made friends with Dave at Pakwan]

21 Responses to “Dave Chappelle vs. the drunk 30-year-old idiot startup bros”

  1. JohnnyL says:

    Way to dig deep to find shit stupid shit to fit your narrative…

  2. m says:

    At $55 a ticket, and 15 years beyond being a relevant stand up comic, I’d assume the crowd would be nothing but tech bros. This does not surprise me.

  3. A to the F says:

    Only $55 a ticket? That’s cheap!

    • m says:

      can’t tell if this is sarcasm but no ticket at punchline should be more than 25$. Dave’s tickets, regardless of venue, are always $50+. Even Louis has done a number of “secret” shows at punchline over the last few years and charged $25…and this was the peak of his fame, when everyone with an NPR tote bag knew who he was.

      No desire to be surrounded by bros heckling Dave and having him get upset at the audience who paid double the price of any other show just to see him.

  4. C’mon, man… you get the audience you deserve… you know that!

  5. of course says:

    I was at Tim and Eric last week and a couple guys in the crowd wouldn’t shut the fuck up and insisted on yelling something at the stage every 3 minutes or so. Boggles the mind.

  6. Mark says:

    It’s amazing that people not only will pay that but find this funny enough to sit through 4 hours!

    Dave: “I have nothing to talk about. What do you want to talk about?”
    Audience: “iphone 6?” or some other random suggestion
    Dave: “no, what else?”

    This is exactly how it was at the Independent years ago and it seems that he hasn’t changed.

  7. Ciaran says:

    Yup, this is how his shows go (or at least when I saw him at Punchline years ago). Starts good, then he goes on about the TV show a lot, then it goes into this weird “well, what do you want to talk about?” phase for hours until his bladder implodes.

    Then we *finally* get to leave and see if anywhere’s open for breakfast yet.

  8. I remember when I saw Mark Twain do his show once. It went on like foreeever dude! And then we found out later it was like his next novel, and our English teacher assigned it, and we had to read it all over again? BUMMER!!!1!

  9. buttsnwangs says:

    sounds like a night with Dan harmon

  10. emphilly says:

    Dave was great (older or not)! I work in tech and don’t blurt stupid shit at comedians. hating on tech is very cool…meaning it may be time to find your new “mustache”.

    • arse says:

      Yes, market research shows that hating on tech is very cool.
      it’s basically the equivalent of a mustache.

  11. emphilly says:

    yay for agreeing!