Three songs I heard in the Mission last week

I shazammed all of these while bopping around the neighborhood drunk and/or stoned last week. (Those are pretty much the only times I use Shazam.) They are all awesome, even sober:

7 Responses to “Three songs I heard in the Mission last week”

  1. That Eno album is on my all-time Top 10.

    • Allan Hough says:

      It’s SUPER good while super-stoned and drinking Death & Taxes on the stool closest to the door at Amnesia at 6pm on a lazy Sunday, sun streaming in, full view of the fog avalanching into the Mission from Twin Peaks…

      • Jason says:

        Ha, I work at Amnesia and we have a “house ipod” in which Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain is one of five full albums that we all like. As soon as you listed that track, I knew you heard it there.

  2. Boner says:

    Johnny Jenkins should be in everybody’s top 10.

  3. dada says:

    you’re so cool. you get drunk and stoned.

  4. kiko says:

    COOL!!!!!! this allan guy