Selling entitlement

Reader Jennifer was reading our post about the guys who got in trouble for believing they had bought the right to use a soccer field in the Mission on BART the other day, and then she stepped out into Embarcadero station to find it plastered with this ad campaign:


[via Mission Mission on Facebook]

13 Responses to “Selling entitlement”

  1. marc says:

    Anything…as long as you have the capital to do so…

  2. of course says:

    This is what I’m talking about, Mr. Hough :)

  3. Sunnyside of the Bay says:

    How long until someone replaces “WE THE” with “WHITE”

    • Adrian Covert says:

      Most poor people in the US are white.

      • troll says:

        And most non-poor people are also white; what’s your point?

      • Sunnyside of the Bay says:

        Cool straw man you’ve got there.

        Leaving aside that the numbers don’t bear that out (about 25 million non-white people in poverty, vs. 18.8 million white, according to the census) AND that the raw “there are more poor white people” argument would be bullshit anyway in view of the nearly tripled poverty rate among blacks and hispanics vs. white poverty rates, is anybody making the claim that there are no poor white people in America? NO.

        What we’re pointing out here is an incredibly tone-deaf statement made by a company (nay, industry) whose employees and culture of commodifying everything are actively displacing already-marginalized groups in the Bay Area. In the context of San Francisco especially, the statement that white people (but not hispanic, black, etc.) can buy anything — apartments, houses, public parking, leisure activities, whole neighborhoods — is kind of an undercurrent feeling these days. See the referenced video of white, transplanted tech bros literally buying a soccer field out from local non-white youths? That’s what would make it funny to see the ad defaced.

        Are there other jokes/statistical realities we need to explain for you? Or are you just racist?

  4. m says:

    These companies really are clueless.


    These companies really know their target market.

  5. MrEricSir says:

    Based on the ad’s first three words, I’m going to assume it’s a commentary on our remaining constitutional rights.

  6. Subcomandante Crunchos says:

    Customer first, citizen second. Nobody gave me my rights.. I bought them using paypal.